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michaelxaviermaelstrom 1/25/2007 6:57:08 PM
I agree, We used to joke in school that if you wanted to know what the next new hyped cartoon was going to be, just look at the back of your favorite comic-book to the for-sale page. Every time an new army-men, mermaid or dinosaur based cartoon was released you could readily imagine (accurately - Ed) that the toon was commissioned _because_ they had a warehouse full of dinosaur or the like figures, and wanted to unload them. In other words, they pre-existed as overstock from the ol let's-make-a-billion-plastic-things because-they're-cheap-to-make crazy Hong Kong/Taiwan days. That was the least credibile and most laughable manner of toon inception imo. Yet although merchandising (whether it predates the toon or is tied into it) may seem., not terribly credible., or in the case of the former laughably transparent and undignified., as the incept source of any given toon or anime., my conclusion remains that you're correct, it doesn't really matter. caveat: except in terms of median averages. That is, most times when the motive is pure crap, so likely will the toon be, but there's no absolute there, so long as you hire someone to make your toon (that will sell your warehouse full of brine shrimp mermaids -Ed) that is interested in making THE BEST toon or anime s/he can, how it incepted really makes little difference in the end AISI.
jnager 3/13/2012 7:06:39 PM

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