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xenomorph 3/16/2009 6:20:31 AM

I would definitly love to see a DeadPool movie. Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the part.

Can't wait for the Superman/Batman animated movie. DC's dvd movies are much better than their animated television series.

jmg134 3/16/2009 9:45:12 AM

Yeah Jason Statham seems perfect for Deadpool.  Same with CCH Pounder as Waller...I can see it.  Now the rest of the cast I'm not so sure.  Definitely not Halle Berry as Vixen that's for sure.  Since Vixen kinda looks like her with the short hair.  I think a young hot African-American actress would work instead.

Chadghostal 3/16/2009 10:43:26 AM

Jason Statham is a HOORRRIBLE choice for Deadshot. It looks as though they are trying to make Suicide Squad just another schlocky b-movie actioner. Deadshot is a pretty complex and humorous character, something that Statham isn't. Floyd Lawton has always been kind of an everyman type character despite the fact that he is a killer and expert marksman.

Sam Rockwell is absolutely perfect to play Deadshot. He has the humor, the character, and even the intensity. Plus the man can grow a killer stache.



CCH Pounder is a great choice for Waller though, I have been championing her to play the part since she did the voice for her on JLU.

anonymous 3/17/2009 8:12:23 AM

I can't wait for Wolverine, even if the origin is a little off. Agent Zero/Maverick is German-not asian whoever Dominic W is will be off I heard Beak-a bird looking guy but now he's an electric guy and the Blob wasn't looking very fat. I been digging Deadpool since #1 of his original solo series/his mini-series. Reynolds is a damn good choice but i've heard the rumor from 2 places that the weird looking guy in the trailer(shoots cyclops like beams out his eyes/fights Wolverine and blades on his hands) end up being Deadpool...I doubt this very very much but from 2 places I dunno...there is a character on the imdb character list called Weapon XII or IX maybe.



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