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Miner49er 11/27/2012 9:10:50 PM

Dammit all, get Val Kilmer back!

Muenster 11/27/2012 9:37:40 PM

Thinking Warner Bros. should "leave-it" alone for awhile. The Batman franchise needs a nap.

Lex0807 11/27/2012 9:57:34 PM

*Chokes* at the rumor and shakes in terror.

BunyonSnipe 11/28/2012 3:10:31 AM
Armie Hammer all the way!
BunyonSnipe 11/28/2012 3:13:13 AM
I would still prefer a live action TV series, the lead of which also plays the role in Justice League on the big screen.
BunyonSnipe 11/28/2012 3:14:42 AM
Come on a Batman TV series with cameos from the cinematic DCU... How could that NOT be awesome?
Dodgyb2001 11/28/2012 3:34:00 AM

While I like JGL, and think he's an awesome actor, Christian Bale was as close as is physically possible to be Batman. My main complaint was he didn't seem to know what was going on half the time, and had to be spoon fed the facts, which is the screen writers' fault. Dark knight rises was such a disappointing film for me compared to the other two, and even in those he wasn't the brightest. In JLA, he thinks quicker than the Flash, his whole archetype is the brains of the team. If they can get Dini and his writers to write it, and Bale playing it, it would be the best version of Batman to date. In DKR he asks Bane why he didn't just kill him. Dini's Batman would have told Bane he was going to nail him, no doubt, no questions. I love the previous two batman films, but in comparison Tony Stark is portrayed as the smartest guy in the room, Bale's Batman isn't.


Plus he was Batman what, 3 months total? The comic batman wouldn't have retired after some iffy law, there's always crime and criminals to protect people from and he would never have retired because of this.

BunyonSnipe 11/28/2012 4:13:55 AM
Don't forget Dodgy the Batman in the comics lives in a sort of time bubble and he never really ages, this is the main problem with films based on the character, just look at James Bond, they have to change the actor every decade or so... Yes he was only Batman for a very short while, TDK couldn't have been more than a year after BB, The Joker wasn't exactly playing hard to get. The Batman in the comics has prolly been doing it for less than a decade, maybe a tad more, but if this was shown on film, he would always be a hair's breadth from retirement (just like 007 in Skyfall).
Wiseguy 11/28/2012 5:29:57 AM

MrJBE it makes sense that Batman should be even more muscular than Superman, at least when you take into account our physiology. Batman is a human pushing his body to its limits which would make you muscular. Superman in fact can look as soft as pudding because his powers are due to our sun and he in fact has never had to push it so if anything his muscles should never have developed or maybe should have even atrophied

Oh and yeah I'm not for JGL as Batman. I like JGL as much as anyone but he is scrawny. Of course they can always fit him into a muscle suit. Also Batman is a Sherlock Holmes to nth degree, supersmart, superbly trained so I don't see anyway how JGL's Blake can even come close to fitting the bill.

It's funny that by the time mania puts the story up it's already being debunked all over the web


Dodgyb2001 11/28/2012 5:59:33 AM

That's the thing though, in BB it's only a couple of months or so tops before the finale. At the end of that movie he gets Joker's card from Gordon. There seems to be a time difference between BB and TDK as he has imitators and things the Joker says implies it, but it can't be a huge amount since Gordon gave him his card and you'd have thought they'd have clashed within a few weeks. He defeats joker in a week or so after finally catching up with him, then seems to retire with 'an injury' or because Rachel is dead. 8 YEARS later he's pulled out of retirement and fights bane, 3 months later he recovers from his injurys and fights him again JUST as the bomb is to go off. So in total he's spent maybe 3 years if we're very lucky but probably more like a year and a half, after he's spent how many years training to be Batman? Doesn't really seem like he's THAT committed to fighting crime. I really think that was a bit of a waste. If he'd spent 8 years fighting crime and then Bane shows up, that would have been more satisfactory, and he might have had more injuries to leave him open to Bane, and maybe felt he was past it then, and Alfred would have had more right to say maybe it was time to retire. That's one of the many reasons I was disappointed in DKR. I really don't think the series got the character. He's super smart, he has to be to deal with people who are possibly much more powerful than himself. He out thinks them, not just beats them to a pulp. He's paranoid (in a good way), always thinking about a backup plan. He's driven, not just to defeat organised crime, but to protect anyone from what befell his parents. That's my Batman.

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