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Gosick Added To Crunchyroll Anime Simulcast Schedule

Set for Friday mornings

By Chris Beveridge     January 04, 2011

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Gosick has been confirmed by Crunchyroll as one of their Winter 2011 anime simulcast series and it's one that's going to be handled slightly differently when it comes to its status for certain territories. As explained on Twitter by Rob Peredya, two simulcasts this year have gained additional UK streaming rights but they will not get released to general users who are not paid subscribers. In essence, the only ones in the UK who can see this series and one other are those that are subscribers. Most Crunchyroll shows simulcast for paid subscribers and then a week later when the next episode comes out, the previous one is released for general viewing since the big period is the first week. This subscriber only aspect is tied to the UK only at this point. In addition to North American and UK streaming rights, Crunchyroll will also bring the series out in South America, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, the Middle East, Africa, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brazil and Portugal.

The series will simulcast on Friday mornings at 1 PM ET.

Plot Summary: Gosick takes place in 1924 in a small, made-up European country of Sauville. It centers on Kazuya Kujo, the third son of a Japanese Imperial soldier, who is a transfer student at St. Marguerite Academy and Victorique, a mysterious yet beautiful and brilliant girl who never attends class and spends her days reading the entire content of the library or solving mysteries that even detectives can't solve. They meet at St. Marguerite Academy, where urban legends and horror stories are all the rage.

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