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ElBaz13 6/19/2014 10:31:35 AM

That Selina Kyle chick still freaks me out like that chick in Splice. That weird face.

monkeyfoot 6/19/2014 12:20:38 PM

That is a cool-ass trailer. I can't wait for this.

VioLatorr 6/19/2014 12:50:53 PM

 I think it would be cool if they incorporate some of the new movie story stuff with the history of this show. I doubt it.

CaptAmerica04 6/19/2014 7:52:19 PM

I have no interest in this show.  It seems like something that is a giant set-up with no pay-off.  We will NEVER see Batman in this show, so what is the point?

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 6/19/2014 11:03:18 PM

 Because it's not about Batman and doesn't have to be.

ElBaz13 6/20/2014 6:45:32 AM

This show sounds promising but I think I will pass. I'm not a huge DC fan and there will be a lot more comic book related shows coming out that actually have the heroes in them, not prequels and origins.

I mean, if the Marvel Daredevil show was going to be a young Kingpin and Owl, a teenage Bullseye and Elektra and a kid Matt Murdoch, I would probably pass on it as well. I'm really tired of prequels and want the real thing.


rogue188 6/20/2014 8:17:50 AM

Pass on this. This sounds way too Smallville for my taste. I'll happily watch actual comic book shows like Arrow, the Flash and even the new Constantine to get my DC kicks.

momitchell7 6/20/2014 10:45:14 AM

 I'm not going to watch ANY more cop shows with bad guys because there is no Batman in them!

blankczech 6/20/2014 11:49:26 AM

 The only reason someone would or wouldn't watch a particular TV show that makes sense to me is because they either find it entertaining or they don't.  Since this show has yet to air on TV it's pretty impossible to judge how good it will be.  I'm really not interested in anyone's prejudices or hang-ups (it sounds way to Smallville, I don't like DC, I don't like prequels, Batman's not in it) that will keep them from giving the show a chance.  That's their problem.  In fact I don't really care if any of you people watch the show or not (the six of you won't make or break it).  As for me, I'll watch an episode or 2 prior to judging it, not that any of you guys care about what I do (which is as it should be...we're not lemmings).

ElBaz13 6/20/2014 12:16:59 PM

Glad you have enough time in your life  to fit that in your schedule.





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