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Gotta Catch ‘Em All… All Over Again!

By Matt Kamen     August 10, 2007

Pokemon Pearl
© Nintendo
Yup, it’s Pokemon time once more. Following a lengthy delay from the American release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, we Europeans were finally allowed to start cramming small battle animals into tiny spherical cages once again on July 27th. Since then, Pokemon Diamond has sat at the top of the all-formats sales charts, with Pearl a few places below. As a result of the games' success, and as a reminder of how popular the franchise remains even ten years on from their debut, we're once again seeing a Pokemon Roadshow travelling the country offering the rare Pokemon, Mew, for exclusive download at the events. Already in progress, the tour will be making another 14 stops at branches of Toys R Us around the UK, up until Sunday 26th August. One thing that is odd about the roadshow is that Mew can only be transferred to one of the five Game Boy Advance versions of the game – Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green or Emerald – and not the new Nintendo DS games that the tour serves to promote. How odd. The store locations and dates for the remainder of the tour can be found at the above link.
Deadline Approaching
The second Birmingham International Comics Show will be rolling around in just two short months and, in the words of the organisers, promises to be "Bigger, Better, Brighter and, you guessed it, Brummier!!!" Migrating around the corner from the original location of Digbeth's Custard Factory to the far snazzier Thinktank at Millennium Point (Birmingham's Science and Technology park), the sophomore event currently has over 50 guests from all areas of the comics industry confirmed as attendees. The show will be held from October 13-14 and registration is open now.
Right, I'm off to Amecon now – see you in a week.
New UK DVD Picks for 15/08/2007
Marvel Superhero Classics Collection
An eight disc set collecting the Marvel Comics cartoons from the 1960s that weren’t Spider-Man. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Sub-Mariner all get their spotlight here. The four series, originally shown in seven minute long segments as part of the Marvel Superheroes Show, barely count as animation, instead lifting the art wholesale from original comics by the likes of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. Despite being released under the contemporary Jetix brand, this is clearly intended for those with fond memories of the shows or an appreciation of classic Silver Age comic art.
Hyperdrive: Complete Series One & Two
A slightly controversial sci-fi comedy series from the BBC here. People wanted and perhaps expected a new Red Dwarf but that was never the intent with Hyperdrive. If Red Dwarf was a parody of Buck Rogers, then Hyperdrive is lampooning Star Trek, albeit with a post-WWII spin of British sensibilities. The cast, including Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz star, Nick Frost, is also worth investigating this series for. Extras include a making of featurette, deleted scenes, commentaries, a tour of the set and both video diaries and behind the scenes segments with Nick Frost.
Oban Star Racers – Volume One
An amazing French-Japanese animated co-production that takes the concept of The Amazing Race and translates it to a futuristic interplanetary setting. Young Eva ‘Molly’ Wei sneaks aboard her estranged father’s racing crew in an attempt to win the ultimate prize of the race – one wish, even the resurrection of the dead… While the show has been shown on American TV, it’s garnered nowhere near the fan base and acclaim it deserves and is well worth an import.
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