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Goyer on Ghost Rider, Zigzag and More!

By Rob M. Worley     March 05, 2002

Last week wetalked to Blade 2 writer and Executive producer David Goyer abouthis vampire/super-hero sequel. The filmmaker also filled us in on other comicbased projects he's been associated with, as well as other upcoming movies.

Of course, afterBlade 2 the Goyer comic movie project that fans are most excitedabout is Ghost Rider. Although the project appeared to be racingforward last summer, it spun out near the end of last year.

"GhostRider's in play," Goyer said, indicating that new parties arelooking to come on board and get it moving again. "It may end up at Sony but there are three or fourdifferent people interested in it."

Goyer told usthat he, director Stephen Norrington and star Nicolas Cage still want to do themovie. However, there may be creative mandates that interfere with that. "I'mhearing now they want a kinder, gentler Ghost Rider," Goyerreports. "The film that Norringtonand Cage and I would have made was a very tough film. It would have beenfantastic but it was a dark movie. I'm hearing now that they want something withhumor in it too. I don't know, man."

Apparentlythere's an initiative to retool Ghost Rider as a PG movie. "It's kind of an oxymoron to me. Theguy's got a flaming skull. I guess you can do happy meals with that," Goyerremarked. "Norringtonand I both said we didn't want to be involved with a PG Ghost Rider."

Goyer and Bladestar Wesley Snipes have long talked about bringing another Marvelcharacter to the big screen: The Black Panther. "We've toyed with it. It could happen at some point. Wesley and I love workingtogether," Goyer told us. " It's been mooted from time to time but everyone felt there was nopoint until after Blade 2 came out and, probably in fact, until after Blade 3."

Goyer has saidthat he's through writing for other directors though, so if he does do TheBlack Panther is will be with him at the helm.

The filmmakeralso tell us that his involvement with Dr. Strange looks unlikelyat this point.

Another comic basedproject will be developed by Goyer with his partner Pascale Faubert (Someoneis Waiting) under their newly-formed production company Phantom Four.

"It's an EdBrubaker/Jason Lutes comic book called The Fall. It's a greatlittle piece," Goyer reports. He said the story has a "modern-day noir setting,kind of that slacker scene in Seattle. More in the StrayBullets vein, if you know that."

Phantom Four iseyeing the project as a feature film. Goyer tells us that Brubaker will bewriting the script on that one. The comic was published by Drawn &Quarterly.

Other PhantomFour projects include Mucho Mojo, based on the novel by Joe R.Lansdale. Goyer aims to direct the movie this summer. Also on the slate is NeilGaiman's Murder Mysteries, which Goyer has written a script forand will also direct. "We're in thepre-pre-pre-production stages on that one," Goyer told C2F.

Phantom Four isdeveloping Jeff Long's novel The Descent which has been describedas a Journey To The Center of the Earth where the center of theEarth turns out to be Hell. Goyer is also working with Francis Ford Coppola andClive Barker on a pilot for HBO that's tentatively titled Shadow House.

Last year, Goyergot behind the camera for the first time with his feature film Zigzag.Fans of Goyer-the-comic-book-action-writer will find a different creative visionin this movie.

"It's based on a novel about a15-year-old boy that comes from an abusive family. It's really a kind of acoming of age story," Goyer told us. "It's a real different pace for me. I'd say theclosest film that I could liken it to is Fresh orsomething like that."

Why thechange-of-pace? "I wanted to do something completely different from what I was knownfor," Goyer said. "Usually I paint on a very big canvas. I wanted to tell a very small story aboutone little boy with bad circumstances and whether or not the kid's going to getout of them"

Blade fans willfind some crossover in the casting. "It's got a fantastic cast: Wesley Snipesplays the abusive father. John Leguizamo is in it. Oliver Platt, Natasha Leon, abunch of great people ended up doing it for almost no money. It'san ensemble drama." Luke Goss, who plays the villain in Blade 2also appears.

Fans of TV's Smallvillewill recognize Sam Jones III in the title role. "He's fantastic. He's nothing like he is inSmallville," Goyer enthused.

Although themovie does not have a release date yet, Goyer is currently showing it around."We're going the festival circuit now. In fact we'repremiering it at the SXSW film festival."

The festivalruns March 8-17th. Both Zigzag and Blade 2 will bescreened there.

Sadly, the busyschedule of David Goyer the filmmaker doesn't leave much time for David Goyerthe comic book writer. However, he is currently writing the monthly adventuresof JSA. "I'm going to try on this stint to hang out until 50. I've written up through41 already."

In addition,Goyer is working with JSA collaborator Geoff Johns on a JLA/JSAhardcover. Carlos Pacheco is doing the art. "Our editor is screaming at us because we're both fitting it in betweenour film work"

Although Goyeris listed as a writer on the soon-to-be released Blade 2 comicbook adaptation, he told us that his busy schedule only left time for him towrite the introduction for the book. Steve Gerber (Howard the Duck)wrote the adaptation.

The Blade 2adaptation is due out this month, along with an all-new Blade series under theadult Marvel Max banner. Both comics are due in stores March 13th.


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