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Scribe says Cage isn't a done deal, yet.

By Frank Kurtz     July 03, 2001
Source: Comics Continuum

Early character designs for the GHOST RIDER film bear an eery resemblance to actor Nicholas Cage
© 2001 Bernie Wrightson

In spite of producer Jon Voight's recent comments that suggested it was a done deal, scribe David Goyer is saying that Nicolas Cage hasn't signed on to the GHOST RIDER movie as yet.

While talking to the Comics Continuum, Goyer set the record straight regarding Cage's involvment, saying, "Nope, still not official. They have been in talks for a couple of weeks."

Goyer also shed some further light on how the character will be depicted in the coming film, saying, "Ghost Rider kills people right and left, and Johnny Blaze is left to pick up the pieces. He doesn't speak, and the Ghost Rider is just unstoppable. He's actually this very scary force. In the first scene where you see Ghost Rider, he kills a lot of people, but he spares one person. We liken it to coming face-to-face with a Great White shark and for whatever reason, the shark turns away and doesn't kill you."

Regarding the Rider's costume, Goyer says, "It will be an exaggeration of whatever Johnny Blaze happens to be wearing. He'll have a lot of frayed blue jeans and motorcycle boots and cracked, banged-up leather dusters and motorcycle leathers."


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