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wormlander 6/18/2013 6:14:33 AM

If DC really wants to shine they must bring something new to the table and one way they can do this is by succeeding where noone (including Marvel) has succeeded before. That is to create a moneymaking standalone superhero movie with a female lead. Wonder Woman is the only interesting and daring way to go here and it must be absolutely BAD-ASS!!!!! It's just like in real life. If a girl wants to play with the boys she'll have to outperform them with at least 20% to be accepted into the group. That's what WW has to be or I don't see DC topping Marvel. Sure, people will always go see semi-crappy super hero movies nomatter what (even Aquaman), but Warner should make this battle of the heroes a "ladies night out" or call it a day. The only other logical (read boring) alternative would be Bat-Man but that franchise has already been rebooted so far out of the collective DC universe it's beyond saving. Also it's still a bit too early to introduce another Bat until say, at least two more years down the road. Not that Nolans version was that good, but I'd say most people are just fed up with that character for the time being. DC/Warner will then have enough time to put out both WW and MoS2 before Bat-Man Ver.9.2 (or whatever) eventually happens. And I believe we need a new stand alone Bat-Man movie or people are litterally gonna shit their pants if they go to watch JL and a non-Bale Dark Knight hits them straight in the face. And PLEASE make him not talk like a 12 year old kid who's trying way too hard to sound like Bat-Man this time.

wormlander 6/18/2013 7:07:14 AM

@thezillaman - On the Aquaman age debate - Isn't 1 fish-year like 20 human years or something? This would make him around 1.5 years old (give or take a few months) which in my opinion is way too young for anyone to have a leading role in a standalone movie

HomestarRunner 6/18/2013 8:12:27 AM

I'm with Team Supes/Bats/Wonder Woman.

The Avengers is basically a boys club with ScarJo around to look good in tight pants. If DC can give us a strong female hero, that could be a game changer. WW would need a costume that doesn't scream eye candy, though. That's a tough call because you want people to associate her with the classic image of WW that casual fans know, but she has to be seen as a credible superhero. Unless you're The Hulk, too much exposed skin isn't a wise decision.

I think Superman is established enough that we don't need to wait for a successful MOS2 before they fast track a WW movie, which I think should be next. She needs an origin movie whereas Batman does not.

redhairs99 6/18/2013 8:28:16 AM

 Wise, you beat me to it on the Aquaman casting.  I was thinking Alexander Skarsgard as well.

monkeyfoot 6/18/2013 8:31:29 AM

 I always keep thinking that new Superman actor Cavill is dating Gina Carano they could have met during a casting call at Warners for WW. I can't tell if she can act well but physically she's perfect.

millean 6/18/2013 8:59:28 AM

Touche, Caveman about my MM pick as Aquaman (and can't say as I can blame you).  I really do think he could do a good job with it, but he could also screw it up royally.  He would have to lose the accent, and the stoner vibe that he usually gives off.  Was just trying to think out of the box, and I honestly think he could do it.


TALIS 6/18/2013 10:02:07 AM

 Jamie Bamber as aquaman.

raspedoits 6/18/2013 10:48:13 AM

 Metallo definitely !

We need to see Bizarro too of course. I love him & we def need to see Brainiac as well, but to have 2 alien invasions in 2 Superman movies in a row is overkill & remember, Zod took Superman’s blood sample in MOS, which will def lead to Bizarro. Luthor should be the main villain in the sequel & what better way to introduce kryptonite into the series but thru the kryptonite powered villain known as Metallo!!! Of course Lex Luthor would be behind the scenes! Do a little flash back/back story on John Corben & how he wants revenge on Superman for locking him up, have Luthor use him to attack Superman. Its perfect. And introduce Bizarro (blood sample) at the end of the film. Perhaps Brainiac & Bizarro could be the threats in Metropolis in part 3. With Luthor pulling the strings of course!


skoora 6/18/2013 11:21:31 AM

 I would really hope they would have hawkgirl in a JL movie. For a JL sequel the Thanagarian invasion they had in the JL cartoon would be awesome. Especially the arc that hawkgirl and GL have.

Shogunn2517 6/18/2013 11:24:46 AM

I actually remember reading an article in EW that talked about the collective screen time of women in the lastest trend of Superhero movies and it added up to like 25 minutes or something.

DC really need to not seem like it's walking in Marvel's shadow and doing a super big bad superhero crossover film EXACTLY like what Marvel did.  They really need to do a Wonder Woman movie.  I think the better course would be in doing a World Finest movie.  Maybe have a guest star of another hero.  Then in the sequel if you want to tell a World's Finest story with a big budget Wonder Woman franchise to spill it, it has less movie parts and less of a copycat of what everyone saw Marvel already do so well.  I think the important thing people want to see is some idea of a shared universe.  I mean back in the day we had a Superman franchise and a Batman franchise and no connection. We had(have) an X-Men franchise and a Spider-Man franchise and the best we get is spoofy outtake.  Now we're getting two separate franchises using the same characters acted by different people(A2, XDOFP).  That's what people had their hopes up for Goyer's involvement in MoS.

Maybe that's just my opinion.

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