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SONYMANswallows 9/28/2009 10:55:51 AM

Nicky Coppola stunk as Johnny Blaze. Why was his hair like Keanustantine's?

Johnny Blaze has blonde hair with an ocasional pony tail. Johnny Blaze also has a Hot Rod/Evil Kenevil stunt suit he wore originally and Ghost Rider continued to wear it after transformation. But know they give him Danny Ketch's Ghost Rider.

If the FX when Ghost Rider came on screen had not made up for the acting of Cage and Mendez which was so horrible it had not been seen since Parton and Stallone in RHINESTONE.

Michael Bieh is perfect for Johnny Blaze but move on in the Ghost Rider story.

This next film should be Danny Ketch and Blaze shows up in the end. Too bad the guys behind SUPERNATURAL are not doing this. Supernatural is very much a Spirits of Vengence (marveil early 90's) story line.

And Blackheart was good but under used, Mephisto needed to be better but it may have helped if Dracula didnt look like Mephisto in Blade 3. Goyer needs to leave it alone and get his SUPER MAX done.


Cage swallows.

gambit84 9/29/2009 5:02:39 PM

i hope he comes back for i.h 2 great hulk was norton

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