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What Are the Greatest Kung Fu Movies of All Time?

By Robert Vaux     -
Source: The Internet Movie Database


Kung fu movies date back to the 1940s (and a few even earlier than that), but they reached their heyday in the 1970s, when the likes of Bruce Lee made them a phenomenon. Everyone has their own "best of" list, but a few titles stand out.

"Enter the Dragon"

The swan song of the legendary Bruce Lee appeared just after his death in 1973. It helped launch kung fu movies onto the international stage.

"Drunken Master"

Jackie Chan followed in Bruce Lee's footsteps, but projected much more of a comedic persona--notably in this 1978 film about a type of kung fu which imitates the actions of a drunk.

"The 36th Chamber of Shaolin"

The Shaolin Temple, where legend holds that kung fu was born, has been the subject of numerous movies. This 1978 movie is widely considered to be among the best of the bunch.

"The Shaolin Temple"

This 1982 effort, also about the Shaolin, is notable because it marked the first appearance of actor Jet Li.

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"

Direct Ang Lee's homage to the wuxia films of his youth won the Best Foreign Language Oscar for the year 2000--an unprecedented honor for a kung fu movie.


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