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Green Inferno Sequel Announced

Where is the first one?

By Robert T. Trate     September 09, 2013
Source: Variety

Without even a wide theatrical release yet, The Green Inferno, has already been green lighted for a sequel. Variety broke the news on Eli Roth’s next film. 

“Following the midnight world premiere of cannibal caper-shocker The Green Inferno in Toronto on Saturday, Worldview Entertainment and director-producer Eli Roth have announced they will continue their partnership for the sequel, Beyond the Green Inferno”.

So where is the first Green Inferno picture? Upon searching for a trailer I found that none exist on YouTube or other various sites. Deals are currently being made for its distribution. 

The film is slated for a 2013 release and premiered last weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. A trailer should be out this week since buzz has been good for the film and now we have a sequel in the works. 

The Plot: The Green Inferno follows a group of student activists who from New York City travel to the Amazon to protect a dying tribe, but crash in the jungle and are taken hostage by the very natives they saved.

The Green Inferno features Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Daryl Sabara, and Kirby Bliss Blanton.


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fatpantz 9/9/2013 11:20:59 AM

It sounds like a remake of Cannibal Holocaust as The Green Inferno was the title of the documentary featured in CH.  Looking forward to seeing it

CoolerKing 9/10/2013 8:59:49 AM

 A group of young people go some where then bad shit happens. It's the same thing in every Eli Roth movie. I'm  already bored.



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