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InnerSanctum 4/2/2011 10:16:17 PM

 Cooper wasn't interested in Green Lantern, but he will do Hangover 2?  Riiiiight.  

flinshadytoo 4/3/2011 2:33:50 AM

 Sorry still looks cheesy to me but hey so was Avatar & I enjoyed that so I'll give it a go.


MrGarabaldi 4/3/2011 6:09:49 AM

 After viewing the footage several times now, here is how I think the story will flow on screen(if any one cares).  The movie begins with the battle that mortally injures Abin Sur.  Then we switch to earth and meet Hal.  After he wrecks his jet, Abin Sur's ship finds him, gives him the ring, lamp etc, and dies.  Hal does'nt charge the ring at this time.  After his confrontation with the thugs at the carnival, he returns home and "SPEAKS THE OATH".  This is when the ring takes him to Oaa.  While on Oaa, Hector Hammond encounters the body of abin sur, absorbs some energy etc.  I'll stop here, but what do you thing of my surmises maniacs?

Wiseguy 4/3/2011 7:05:48 AM

That sounds possible MrGarabaldi . Then the fight returns to earth as the GLs must face Parallax

I also think Hammonds is infected by some remnant of Parallax's killer blow to Abin Sur. You see the yellow sort of penetrate Abin Sur and it seems like it's in the same area Hammonds touches when it happens and Hammonds' eyes glow yellow. I think that gives Hammonds some sort of connection to Parallax and the motivation to take on the GLs.

I want to see how this leads Sinestro to become a villain. We already know his ego, his willingness to force his will on his own people even by force and his hunger for power since he got his ring. I wonder if they'll go his original route or will Parallax have a bigger influence. This could lead straight inot some sort of Sinestro Corps.

Man I'm geeking out. I've watched the trailer several times and I may have to put GL on par with Thor and Cap

HudsonTaco 4/3/2011 7:36:55 AM

LMAO!!! 180 degree turn by almost everyone, I still haven't watched this footage I was already all in, but I am pleased beyond belief that even the most skeptical here are digging what they have seen in this new footage. I will check it out when I have more time to give it my full attention.

HudsonTaco 4/3/2011 8:15:55 AM

Now all I have to say now is WOW!!! Number 1 must see movie for me this summer. This looks awesome and I have never ready a GL comic in my life. Bring on Thor so we can get this summer underway.

Lsn22s 4/3/2011 10:49:00 AM

Finally!!!!! Thank you WB and DC!!!!! All I wanted was an awesome, edge-of-my-seat trailer....AND I FINALLY GOT ONE!!!!!!YES!!!!...I am officially, truly looking forward to this....i hope this movie is awesome, it really needs to be...Sinestro adressing the Core, that WAS in fact pretty epic....maybe RR isn't full of it after all....

ZurEnArrh 4/3/2011 11:01:06 AM

Reynolds still gives me the wrong kind of chills. The "WE ARE THE CORPS!" part gave me the right kind. Verdict is still out. They are all over the place trying to sell this movie. I guess I cannot tell until my buttocks are in the seat. Being a comic book fan, they will be. But this didn't make me feel like a little kid like the Captain America trailer did.

keithdaniel 4/3/2011 11:27:28 AM

Glad to see that the majority here have acknowledged that they were wrong about prejudging this upcoming Green Lantern flick.  Before watching the new 4 minute trailer, I went back and watched the 2 and a half minute teaser and now see what many of you were concerened about; the teaser had a tad too much humor.  But I still think it was a decent trailer overall and believe that too many overreacted.  This new trailer is awesome and believe that this movie will rock big time.  As I've stated before as have others, even though I think it's very possible my fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds may have been more suited as Flash, from this latest trailer I think it's fair to say that Warner Brothers has made the right choice in regards to his casting!  I'm glad to see that many more people are now more open to this movie.  Now I wonder what Gambit has to say about this...!

InnerSanctum 4/3/2011 1:29:23 PM

 Daforce:  I seem to be one of the few that read your response that you actually saw all TEN minutes of the original footage and Reynolds was, well, being Reynolds.  The oath scene was lame and if there is a lot of the Van Wilder quips that he is known for then I'm disapointed.  Han Solo funny is what Reynolds said.  I've seen Han Solo...Ryan is no Han Solo.  I'm not going to get my hopes up high on this one until it is released.  I still suspect smart ass Hal Jordan.  

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