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RantMaster 4/5/2011 6:10:25 AM

Let the Rant begin:  First I think that this footage looks awesome and the CGI is off the chain!!!   However I do not find Reynolds humour all that funny.   He only has one style of humour which is quippy snarky smart assy wise guy.  Hated him in Blade III and every line that he uttered.  Because he does so many comedies then everyone seems to think he is funny thus the directors need to try to leverage this to play to the female viewers who are dragged along by thier fanboy mate and forced to watch funky looking aliens in green tights fight a big yellow light monster.  Heres the thing stand up comedians are funny actors are either capable of delivering wirtten funny lines with good comedic timing or they are given crappy lines to read and deliver.  So my hopes for this film are that the jokes are kept to minimal or at least well written enough to make an old ranter like me at least chuckle and not roll my eyes and slap my forhead in disgust.  Rantmaster Out.   

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