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Wallace85 2/23/2009 3:59:33 PM

I just watched Wonder Woman animated feature and wow I was impressed. Also it was graphic like the scene where Hypolta cuts her and Ares son's head off wish they make a Wonder Woman  film close to this. DC's animated films are far superior to Marvel's animated films.

RaithManan 2/24/2009 3:14:56 PM

Green Lantern has been my second favorite hero behind Batman just because he's unique in his own way.  I have no doubt about Wonder Woman being handled well by Timm and company...and I been saying this for years.  Why don't Warners just simply let thses guys handle the live action variations of the heroes?  Oh wait, that's too much simplistic for executives to think.  I would really like to see the next Bat film penned by Timm and the Gang under Nolan.  Something tells me that's a dream team that may never happen that should happen.  But these guys for years is what big screen Superman and the rest of the roster needs. 

Now that Dark Knight and IronMan has raised bar.....particulary DK, Warners and Marvel knows that you have little window for mistakes and failure IS NOT AN OPTION.  While I have not seen the recent version of The Punisher and The Spirit...other than they were laughable from hearsay.  Maybe the reason I haven't seen em was because it screamed laughter.  Eventually I'll catch em just to see what mess was wrought.  And I hope big screen Green Lantern is done PROPERLY.  Be smart, not careless. 

Just like I have extreme high hopes for Watchmen and I expect Watchmen to pickup where DK and IronMan left off.  Smartly well done heroes projects with very little to worry.





AdventureMan2007 2/26/2009 10:25:25 AM

I know who will do the voice of Green Lantern ?

Jensen Ackles SUPERNATURAL and SMALLVILLE also mention that he wants to play GREEN LANTERN (Maybe he can do the voice of Hal Jordan).. Nicole Tom can do the voice of Kara Zor-El in JUSTICE LEAGUE: Unlimited can do the voice of Carol Ferris. Tim Curry also can do the voice of SINESTRO. Ian McKellan ("X-MEN I-III, Lord of the Rings I-III") also can the do the voice of Abin Sur and so all these characters can be rumored for the next GREEN LANTERN animated movie.

Other animated movies to be rumored to the DC Universe


SUPERMAN (animated movies)


* Based on the Bottle City called Kandor where Brainiac shrunk the piece of Krypton's orbit to size


* Superman travels through time, when he was young ? He remembers he was called Superboy back then in his era. Lex Luther traveled through time, to destroy everything what Superman ? He was there first trying to remember why did Clark Kent betrayed him ?


* When Planet Krypton exploded a surviving piece of Krypton's orbit flew off into space ? Til then a Scientist named Zor-El send his beloved daughter Kara to Planet earth on a rocket ship. Til then Superman sees a Rocket ship flying down to Metropolis he sees a young girl dressed in the Red and Blue costume similar to his. She tells him that they are cousins, But he sends her to an Orphange in a small town called Midvale.












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