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Prime4movies 6/19/2011 6:30:06 PM

just bring on transformers already im predicting 150 mil opening weekend

wessmith1966 6/19/2011 6:46:00 PM

The best thing about Green Lantern was Sinestro. Mark Strong nailed it. I was much more interested in Sinestro's storyarc than I was Hal Jordan's. Reynolds was good in the part. I really disliked the entire Hector Hammond storyarc intensely. It added absolutely nothing good to the story. The movie was 105 minutes long and I think it some of the dialogue had been played out a little better with another 15 minutes of film, the movie would have been much better. The movie just mooved too fast and felt like it was a cookie cutter super hero origin story. I know that they needed to tell Hal's origin as Green lantern, but I just felt that the entire movie was rushed. maybe there's a better film on the editing room floor, but as it is Green Lantern was just ok. It was DC's version of the Fantiastic average, if somewhat disappointing, summer popcorn movie. At this point I seriously doubt there will be a sequel. The bigger question is what does this mean for future DC characters outside Batman and Superman. After the next gritty, reality-base Nolan Batman movie we'll have Snyder's Superman movie. After that I'd like to see a rebooted Batman that's a little more comic-book inspired (costume, etc...) and then I'd like to see a World's Finest movie. In that movie introduce the Justice League characters with cameos and then give us a full blown JL movie.

And, after seeing the film, I was ok with the suit design. I didn't like it during all of the pre-movie buildup but it worked for the film.

Again, Sinestro stole the movie and Mark Strong was dead solid perfect in the role.

Classicrockr 6/19/2011 6:55:35 PM

Saw this movie today - it was GREAT!  I don't care what the critics say- it gave a great origin story and a litle humor to boot.  Who says these movies have to be serious, somber and 100% action?  I think it had a great mix of everything.  Only saw it in 2D so I'll go back again & see it in 3D.......

vitieddie 6/19/2011 9:43:39 PM

Suffice to say, this is a dark period for DC fans, more so due to the (deserved) success of Marvels movies. As mentioned by others, DC should take a hard long look at themselves and plan out their next few movies properly ("few" being the operative word). Even the next superman movie is now in jeopardy.

As an aside, does anyone know of G Johns email address. I wanted to write him my rants but couldn't find it on the net. I wonder if he or DC are listening to the fans? At least to our "sensible" suggestions.

ThrillerSam 6/19/2011 9:47:06 PM

I enjoyed Green Lantern along with my son, I agree it was a lot to pack into one movie and maybe would have done better with more length. I really hope they do the sequel so Sinestro can be used and have an amazing battle between them with more of the Corp as well. I think it can make it's production budget back I just hope DVD and Blue Ray sales are big and people see that this is better than the reviews. The good thing is they can reboot with Kyle and John in the future and keep it going for a long time. Fingers crossed.

DaForce1 6/19/2011 10:04:21 PM

 Why would they reboot GL with third and fourth stringers (John and Kyle)? Honestly, that's just stupid. It's like rebooting the Hulk with the red Hulk. Or rebooting Superman with the red and blue Supermen. You don't rewrite a character's origin story just because you're only familiar with the last 8 years in an over 50 year history of the character. 

violator14 6/19/2011 11:07:31 PM

Ok, i was coming in very skeptical with the reviews, and especially Rob Vaux's harsh review on it since i usually agree with Rob's review like 95% of the time. SOmetimes i forget how critics are way too overanalytical, cuz I really enjoyed it!!!  I think we're freaking lucky we got a GL movie with such awesomeness!! Saw it in 3D and had the perfect seat and im gonna watch it again! i rarely go to watch a movie twice at full price but I really enjoyed the shit out of this movie.

Not only that, but i really even enjoyed the Ryan Reynolds humor and acting that we were all so harshly skeptical about. I really loved the humorous and fun portrayal of what happens to a guy that obtains this awesome power and is exposed to such a universe. I thought EVERYONE's performances were very enjoyable as well. Not really sure why so many of you didn't like it as much as I did, so im  a lil sad about that....   =T 

ANyways, i hope many of u get a chance to watch this again and give it another chance, cuz im gonna try and bring my whole posse to this yo!! GREEN LANTERN's LIGHT!! I love DC again!!

p.s. if u haven't seen it, stay for end credits if u dont  know by now.  =)

Clownican 6/19/2011 11:09:03 PM

Need a Green Arrow movie with a modest budget. Something like 70-80 million budget and put it out in April. That would be winning for DC.


gauleyboy420 6/20/2011 1:17:38 AM

Why is not being the greatest movie ever bad. Not every movie is the greatest movie ever, but are really good. This was a really good movie. I'm thinking the sequel will be even better.

Anyone listening to anothers opinion and not making thier own decisions is stupid. Sorry, but it's true. Make your own decisions, don't let a website decide for you.

This was a good movie, and I recommend it. It was worth my $12

jppintar326 6/20/2011 4:36:58 AM

Didn't get a chance to see Green Lantern this weekend because I was too busy.  So far, this summer's films have been okay but not great.  I thought spent too much time with the backstory and not enough of his time on Earth.  PoC was okay, but like its predecessors way overstayed its welcome at 2 1/2 hours.  X-Men: First Class was  disappointing.  I never bought Kevin Bacon as the villain who is supposed to be German!?  His accent sounds like somethibg out of  Hogan's Heroes.  Plus he never disappeared into the role the way that, for example, Patrick Stewart did as Professor Xavier in the previous films.  In other words, I saw Professor Xavier not Captain Picard.  I just saw Kevin Bacon just like if Shaq had been playing a mutant.  You wouldn't see the character Shaq was playing, you would just see Shaq.  Kevin Bacon is more of a personality than an actor now.  You think to yourself, what's his power?  Make people go Footloose!  

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