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Chris Beveridge 8/9/2010 8:02:22 AM

 Guardians of the Galaxy live action movie from Marvel? Oh, that has bomb written all over it. Just like the new comic series which feels terrible compared to the previous incarnations.

jsmulligan 8/9/2010 8:37:43 AM

"Highly anticipated reboot"?  Not really.  Not by me or anyone else I've heard mention it, at any rate.  Maybe my feelings will change once I start seeing stuff for it, but really this whole reboot idea has left me cold.  Love the character of Spider-man, loved the first two movies (though I can admit they had some flaws).  Third had a few good moments, but was mostly terrible.  Still, scrapping everything that came before and moving it back to high school... The only way I'd be interested in a reboot was if the property had gone back to Marvel.  Same goes for X-men First Class.

fft5305 8/9/2010 9:09:39 AM

Yeah, I don't know anyone who is highly anticipating that one.  And do we really need more Tarzan? Especially 3D CGI Tarzan? Sounds like crap to me.

fft5305 8/9/2010 9:12:13 AM

Oh yeah, and Guardians of the Galaxy? I loved the comic book back in the day, but I think it's a bit too deep in the comic world to appeal to mass audiences. We're talking massive budget, too. Way too much to gamble on such an unknown quantity. Would I love to see it, if it could be done right? Hell yeah. Do I think there's a chance in hell that it would be done right? Nope!

redvector 8/9/2010 9:39:57 AM

A Guardians of the Galaxy direct to DVD animated feature yes. Live action not a chance, not happening.

SarcasticCaveman 8/9/2010 10:14:36 AM

I would only want to see a movie of "The Boys" if Simon Pegg plays Wee Huey.  Even then, it seems to me like it make a much better HBO or Showtime tv show than a movie.  They can try to make a movie as faithful to the source material as they want, but a movie just doesn't have the kind of time that a series has to cover and expound upon source material.

I wouldn't mind seeing a CGI animated Tarzan.  I enjoyed "Beowulf" and even "A Christmas Carol" for whatever faults they had.

I'm with everybody on a "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie though.  COULD it be cool?  Certainly.  WOULD it be cool and appeal to mass audiences and not just comic book fans?  Probably not.

By the by, just curious about something...has any mention been made on possible villains for the Avengers movie?  Somebody told me that Thanos was rumored.  While it would be cool to see Thanos on the big screen, I've not heard that mentioned anywhere else yet.  However, if they WERE to go with Thanos, I could definitely see Michael Clarke Duncan in purple face playing the part...would be better than playing a white gangster anyway.

krathwardroid 8/9/2010 10:44:28 AM

Green Lantern is fast tracking to say the least. :D

All of these Mark Millar comics are getting optioned. Before long they'll be talking about a sequel to Nemesis before Millar has even started it.

kinetoscope 8/9/2010 11:21:59 AM

GL2? Hope these rumors are true. It's so lame that DC can't get it's stuff together for a Justice League movie. They are also stupid for just not waiting another year to make Superman and use good ole Tom from Smallville. They can  finish season 10 and walk him into the movies. Why isn't  there a Wonder Woman movie yet? Why hasn't Jim Carrey done a Plastic Man movie yet? Come on DC you are doing great in the animated movies, let's get some live action going. PS - Glad that the Wonder Twins movie hasn't happend.... so far....  (J/K about the Plastic Man movie)

SarcasticCaveman 8/9/2010 12:47:21 PM

Another thought on "The Boys"...WHY would they get Adam McKay to direct when the most intense thing he's ever directed is probably "The Other Guys"?! (I say probably because while I've not seen it, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt being a cop movie).  Seriously, the comic book gets pretty violent and intense in parts...why get the guy who directed "Anchorman" and "Talledega Nights"?

DeeJay4ADay 8/9/2010 12:48:44 PM

FFT... at first, I shared your concerns, but 300 only cost $70 million, and I suspect that a Guardians of the Galaxy movie would take a similar approach (e.g. mainly filmed with green screen). Marvel has already stated a desire to have projects in the $50 million (e.g. under $75 million) price range, and this project could actually fit into that category.

As long as the script and visual design were strong, it wouldn't take much for this movie to be a hit. Strategic casting and treating this project as an action-ladened science fiction (as opposed to fantasy) could also give this a boost. Obviously, certain story aspects would need to be changed... but the right team could put-together a project that would blow minds. Seriously.

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