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9/17/2008 1:19:05 PM permalink

I just read Latinoreview's Green Lantern script review and it got me excited because that's two different sources that have taken a look at the GL script and both have said good things about it.  Looks like WB has their head in the game with their comic book franchises which means good things for us!

I wasn't very knowledgeable when it came to Green Lantern but I knew the film is eventually gonna come out and since IESB raved about the script I wanted to read up on a few GL comics.  My good friend Wiseguy562 recommended a few so I would be prepped for the big GL story arc that's coming in 2009 called Blackest Night. I took his advice and I've read up on a few of them and I gotta say I love the character and the story arcs I've read so far.  Thanks Wiseguy!  In case you are wondering, I've read the following: Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War, Secret Origins and I just ordered Emerald Twilight and Emerlad Dawn.  I'm sure there are many more excellent GL story arcs but those focus on the main guy Hal Jordan, who was the one I wanted to read up on since the film is gonna be based on him.

Having read those comics and now the script review, I am definitely looking foward to this film and I hope and pray that WB doesn't screw it up because a Green Lantern franchise done well is gonna kick major ass.  Just the special effects alone should be insane with all the things GL's ring can create.

About the script review, it mentions they are going with Legion as the main villain.  Granted I know nothing of Legion but I did read some info on him at Wikipedia and I think he'll be a good villain and it makes sense to stick with that origin of GL instead of what they are doing with GL: Secret Origins right now.  I think it makes sense and I like it more for the film because it doesn't make Sinestro the main villain right off the bat and it allows for the Jordan/Sinestro relationship to have more meaning by showing the teacher/mentor/friend side of it.  Plus it doesn't bring into play any of the other colored Corps which can be saved for later sequels.

So the script apparently is great.  Now WB needs to nail it when it comes to the cast and director.  I personally don't like any of the directors rumored for the film right now so I'm hoping they get someone else.  My picks to direct the film are Alex Proyas or Alfonso Cuaron.  As far as the cast goes, I can't think of anyone for Hal Jordan who I think we'll be portrayed a la Maverick in Top Gun.  I did see a picture of Ashton Kutcher in The Guardian film and he looked the part but I don't know if he could pull that off and I'm not a fan of his work.  As far as the rest of the characters, I think Hugo Weaving could be Sinestro, Dijmon Hounsou as Abin Sur, Dennis Quaid as Hector Hammond and Evangilne Lilly as Caroll Ferris.

Who do you guys got for the cast?

Please WB get this movie right!!

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