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jfdavis 7/10/2009 11:55:02 AM

For Hal Jordan, Cooper is the best choice out of those three.  Would the other too be good as random supporting GL's? Yes but they're best at comedy...

As for Smallville, it's logical for them to end the show with him as the Superman we all know and love...

Kerrith 7/10/2009 11:56:28 AM

Does GL have to be early to mid 20's for the role?  If they can still do the Hal Jordan origin story, only a bit older, I would also go with Nathan Fillion. 

fft5305 7/10/2009 12:03:03 PM

What's wrong with the profiles? Mine looks ok. Other than the fact that my # of profile view reset and is stuck at 8...

I think from what I've heard about his acting, JT could definitely do it, but his mere presence would alienate just about the entire core fanboy audience.  I'd say gotta go with Cooper, out of these 3.  Reynolds has his superhero plate full already with Deadpool, and possibly Flash. *crosses fingers*

gauleyboy420 7/10/2009 12:13:11 PM

BTW, I'm not voting for JT, just sayin they could do worse...LIKE BRIAN AUSTIN GREEN. C'mon lets fight about whos better!!!


Still think that fanmade trailer with Nathan Fillon showed he IS PERFECT for Hal "Highball" Jordan!!!

Darkknight2280 7/10/2009 12:15:02 PM

Umm $200 million is still alot for a movie and it can produce top notch SFX..Like in umm Transformers 2. So I think that is a solid budget for a charcter that ALOT of regular people dont know all that well..Sorta like Iron Man. They bet big on that movie and did put alot of money on it ($140 million) so $200 million is already a big bet on a character the general public isnt all that familiar with.

$200 will make a AWESOME movie! :) So long as they have a good story and actors.

Wiseguy 7/10/2009 12:17:41 PM

lol, hanso, I'm blushing

fft, in the profiles you can't leave anyone a comment if they already have 10. Heck, you can't even erase comments you made on any profile page either. The profile views are stuck in the 1000's, if you have 8 means you're somewhere in the 8 thousands if under 1k it shows the actual number.

And while we're at it, kick the bastards off the site that keep leaving propaganda in the blogs and let's go back to the old ways and list the blogs in the front page along with author

Wiseguy 7/10/2009 12:23:39 PM

hanso, not really suggesting they go with BAG but I think I'd rather him than the aforementioned.

DK2280, it says they're hesitant or balking at the budget but for this type of film and character you need a lot of cgi to stay true to the spirit. Hell Batman Begins cost 150 with hardly any f/x shots. Not comparing the characters just that GL needs the grren to get it right

SteveVortex 7/10/2009 12:23:47 PM

Did I really just read "What's with all the Timber-hate?"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  It has nothing to do with his acting ability and EVERYTHING to do with being a HORRIBLE fit for the role!

Timberlake is a man boy.  He is tiny and sounds like he is 11.  He has no business being a super hero.  Hal Jordan is a man's man, a hero among hero's, the GREATEST GREEN LANTERN TO EVER LIVE.  Timberlake is more of a, er I dunno, a Jimmy Olsen or MAYBE a Speedy or a Kid Flash but NEVER a Hal Jordan.

Darkknight2280 7/10/2009 12:23:48 PM

Hanso has no inter-monolog, we all now know he undying love for wiseguy is Legit! 

silversurfer 7/10/2009 12:25:15 PM

I gotta run with Bradley Cooper on this one....please...while JT may have some decent roles under his belt, this is Green Freakin' Lantern....I don't see him ever getting the ring...

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