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invisioner 3/25/2009 1:15:19 AM

 I am like you, I faded from GL for decades, but got wrapped up in the Rebirth trade and then the Sinestro Corps War one day when I ran out of magazines at Borders. I got hooked. Then the retelling of Hal's origin hooked me from then on. Now DC is finally getting my money again after about 12 years of neglect! Please don't frak it up with poor execution!

hanso 3/25/2009 5:01:08 AM

My boy Wiseguy turned me to him and I read the main Hal Jordan stuff, like Emerald Twilight, Rebirth, Sinestro Corps and Secret Origins.  All awesome stuff, definitely looking forward to Blackest Night.

Saw the previews for the animated feature yesterday on Tales of the Black Freighter, the GL flick looks tight.

And of course we got the live action film coming out next year which will be awesomeness!!

Wiseguy 3/25/2009 9:12:04 AM

I'm always happy when one of my faves starts getting noticed, the animated and live action films should cement GL as one of the best characters in the DCU. I find GL and GLCorps both must reads, especially with Blackest Night looming. I just can't wait to see who will be wielding thoise black rings.

Unfortunately these and maybe the Superman and JSA books are the only ones that intrigue me from DC. The Battle for the Cowl and all the companions just isn't doing it for me and the JLA book should be dropped and just do the ocassional mini when someone comes up with a good story. Good decision to skip Final Crisis Rob. What piece of caca as is Trinity

Marvel on the other hand keeps hitting out of the park with just about everything. All the Dark Reign stuff has been excellent, Daredevil, Moon Knight everything. Spidey and maybe a couple of X books may be the weak link right now

AMiSHPiRATE 3/25/2009 9:27:42 AM

What's with the darkhawk hate?

Bryzarro 3/25/2009 4:28:37 PM

I love Green Lantern.  I actually got into it right when Hal Jordan went mad and became Paralax and really got into it because of Kyle Rayner becoming GL.  I remeber at the time I was strictly a Marvel guy but Spiderman at the time had the spider clone or something and I left that for GL.  I like the stories so much I went back to get older back issues to catch up to speed. 

This whole Blackest night and angle leading up to it with the Rebirth story have been absolutly amazing.  I think this is hands down one of the best book (IMO THE best book) out right now.  I also love that there is a mapped out storyline and what effects it will have.

Oh and BOO to Marvel and their psych out on the Dark Avengers/New Avengers Big Fight tease for issue #50 last month.  Thats 3.99 i'll never get back. 

gauleyboy420 3/26/2009 10:18:42 AM

I never liked green lantern.......

gauleyboy420 3/26/2009 10:20:43 AM


 My friend turned me on to Sinestro War, SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOODDDD

Geoff Johns is comic gold!!!

I really LOVE GL right now, and think it's gotta be DC's strongest book on the rack.


I just recently read the Hard Traveling Heroes trades, AND LOVED THEM.

They were a little dated, but no less AWESOME for it.

Blackest Night is gonna OWN SON!!!!!

ChadDerdowski 3/27/2009 7:19:55 PM

Hanso, the new picture is brilliant!  Brilliant, I say!

fenglingling 8/9/2010 7:30:10 PM

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