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Greg Wiseman reveals 'Spectactular Spider-Man' secrets

By Kevin Leung     August 08, 2007

Kevin Leung, Comics2Film's roving animation reporter recently talked with Greg Wiseman about the upcoming Sony Pictures Television/Kids' WB series 'The Spectacular Spider-Man'.

Kevin Leung for Comics2Film (C2F): Did any particular story arcs from the comics influence the series?

Greg Wiseman: "We're basically starting from scratch 1962 recast as 2007, readapting stories and introducing villains. Some stories will be literally like scenes right out your comics and some we'll change them a lot but we're trying to keep the true spirit."

Spectacular Spider-Man Promo Art

C2F: In the preview art we've seen, it looks like Sandman, Doc Ock, and Vulture are visible. Is this an indication of the main villains we'll be seeing this season?

Wiseman: "Well yeah every villain who appears in the preview poster will appear in the first season."

C2F: Can you talk a little bit about the supporting cast?

Wiseman: "We've got a huge supporting cast we've blown out our budget on voice actors. We've got characters from the high school - some of the college characters we've moved into the high school, we've got the Daily Bulge, we've got the Connor Lab, um, we've got you know Aunt May...

C2F: Is Aunt May going to be the kind old lady, or a little younger? Is she going to be a cougar?

Wiseman: (Laughs) "Not a cougar...Late 50s, but you know late 50s is the new late 40s so...We're not trying to do hip Aunt May but we're also not trying to do a frail one either."

C2F: So how does the Daily Bugle factor in?

Wiseman: "Well um, yeah Peter will be a photographer."

Josh Keaton, the voice of Spider-Man in the new WB cartoon Spectacular Spider-Man

C2F: Do other super-heroes exist in this world?

Wiseman: "In my mind the answer is 'yes' but not a lot. In other words pre-1962. The Fantastic Four existed. Ant-Man existed. That's pretty much it. Hulk was jumping around the South West but he's like a myth. In my mind that's it but then we don't permission to use those characters. At least not in season 1."

C2F: Will you be aiming for a Fall '08 release?

Wiseman: "It's coming out in March '08 or else definitely Fall."

C2F: What villains are you most excited about? That you can talk about?

Wiseman: "I'm excited about how we've done all of them. The ones I can talk about...Electro, the Lizard, Sandman, Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Venom are the ones we've sort of revealed. I think they're going to feel both classic and fresh."

C2F: Can you talk a little about the tone of the series? The preview looks fun and Spidey's making jokes.

Wiseman: "One of the things I wrote from day one, I said to the guys is this is a Spider-Man that moves. He's full of energy, he's young, he's not yet weighted down with the weight of the world. We're starting four month's later [after Uncle Ben's death] and so it's not a fresh wound. He isn't a doom and gloom guy. We are doing a guy who's got a lot to learn and who uh...

C2F: Is optimistic?

Folks behind the new Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon signing at the Marvel Booth at Comic-Con 2007

Wiseman: He is optimistic, particularly when we first meet him he thinks he can beat the world. Then we're going to introduce him to these super-villains and he's spent the summer just fighting crooks. Now we're going to introduce him to super-villains and he's going to learn it's a lot harder than he thought it was.

C2F: What's the timeline of the series?

Wiseman: The Fall of his sophomore year in high school. We run from the first day or rather the night before the first day of his junior year of high school and we end of Thanksgiving, the thirteenth episode is Thanksgiving. We're not in a rush - the movies really they finish high school in the first act and then they were on to college - we're not in that kind of rush."


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