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Grell Talks About Sable, Maggie

By Rob M. Worley     October 30, 2002

Comic creatorMike Grell spoke to fans at last weekend's Motor City Comic Con about comicsprojects past (Green Arrow) and present (Iron Man). Comics2Filmwas there and we asked him for an update on the movie version of his JonSable character.

Regular readersknow that the comic concept was optioned last year by rocker/producer GeneSimmons and Pacifica Entertainment. Grell told fans that he wrote the screenplayfor Jon Sable shortly after finishing a novel based on thecharacter. Simmons, a fan, snatched up the screenplay and the movie seemed tomove along nicely.

Steven De Souza(Die Hard, The Phantom) was then brought onboard to do a new script and as of early 2001 the movie seemed to be shaping upnicely. The SAG strike of that year delayed things a bit but the events ofSeptember 11 derailed the project altogether.

The main actionof the movie was set in New York City. The script contained plenty of actionwith things blowing up and people shooting at each other in the streets. Inpost-9/11 Hollywood, the project was doomed.

Grell did saythat Sable is still "in play" although Simmons andPacifica are no longer attached. He also told fans that his Maggie the Catis also "in play" as a Hollywood property. Maggie tellsof a world class cat burglar who gets lured into the service of the BritishGovernment.


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