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Ultimate Spider-Man Episode 10 Preview (Article) - 5/17/2012 7:57:34 AM

I agree WG. I was a bit put off to begin with, but am really enjoying it now. Fun show.

Amazing Spider-Man Super Preview (Article) - 5/15/2012 8:52:55 AM

Awesome....i wonder if that electronic thing on his wrist is a spidey tracker?


Hauser Joins Die Hard 5 (Article) - 5/9/2012 9:44:44 AM

I've enjoyed all of the Die Hard movies. Good fun and total suspension of reality!

Mania Box Office Report: Avengers beats Potter (Article) - 5/7/2012 9:22:50 AM

I am really going to be interested in which scenes were deleted and if a longer director's cut will be released with the scenes in it.

Saw it again yesterday in IMAX 3-D and it was even more incredible.

One thing I don't understand is why people actually get up to leave when the credits begin to roll? If anyone has seen a Marvel movie or knows anyone who has, they should know there is something at the end of most of them.

Avengers Critics Trailer (Article) - 5/4/2012 6:05:45 AM

Well, CrazyCEO shows why you don't take to heart someone's opinion of a movie.

Loki was an excellent villian. Manipulative and evil ... you know a comic villian

The Hulk was well defined with the transformation. Much more in line with the comic.

Fury is the anti-hero who has an agenda but is loyal to his purpose which is to protect the world.

Hawkey and Black Widow aren't neccessarily well fleshed out, but what they do give in background is more than enough to understand their motivation and to endear them to the audience.

Avengers is a movie that will appeal to children and adults. It's bright and fun with excellent character interaction and developement.

The Dark Knight is set in a different mold, Nolan has created a dark world with a broken know Batman. It doesn't make it any better or any worse than the Avengers, it is just a different tone.

I look forward to Dark Knight, I look forward to Spiderman, and I look forward to seeing The Avengers again.

Mania Review: The Avengers (Article) - 5/2/2012 10:28:43 AM

I have my tickets and am going to the midnight showing tomorrow. I've only been to one other midnight showing and am really looking forward to this.

As for the haters, really what is the point. Do we compare Saving Private Ryan to Inglorious Bastards? One has a dark serious overtone and the other is a fun fanasy. Seriously, there is room for both, there is money for both as well and there are fans for both.

We get that  you don't like it, what's the point of posting in every article about the Avengers that you don't/didn't like it? Get over yourselves.

Bond 24 in 2014 (Article) - 4/27/2012 7:54:27 AM

Why think that recasting the role would constitute a reboot? The reboot has already occured with Craig. There is no reason to think that they wouldn't continue the same path laid out. Just as what occured when Connery left, Lazenby came in, then Moore, etc.

Kind of a silly comment if you ask me.

Avengers: EMH! Season 2 Ep. 4 Preview (Article) - 4/23/2012 9:27:18 AM

swisshamer, IIRC Cap at one time had a shield made of energy in the comics. I don't know if they thought it was a cool idea or not, but with his shield destroyed, he needed something to replace it.

Mania Review: 21 Jump Street (Article) - 3/20/2012 7:03:55 AM

I'll probably never see it. I loved the original tv show. I thought it brought together a good cast and the focus on important issues that teens and young adults had to deal with at the time and now was in many ways nobel. I enjoyed that after nearly every episode there was a PSA with some of the cast as well.

You just don't see that kind of television anymore and it is sad that they had to dumb down the premise to make a movie.

Fox Cancels TERRA NOVA (Article) - 3/7/2012 6:34:34 AM

Mayhem - exactly. I've recorded Alcatraz but haven't watched a single one. My wife asks me why and I tell her, I'm waiting to see if Fox cancels it. If they do, I just hit erase all.


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