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Grinch Action Figures

By Dan Cziraky     November 26, 2000


Okay, so whether you're a fan of Ron Howard's live-action Jim Carrey vehicle or not, these are still pretty nifty mini-versions of The Grinch and several of Whoville's most notable inhabitants. Playmates has entered the 3-3/4-inch scale that was previously the specialty of Hasbro (Star Wars: The Power of the Force and G.I. Joe). This allows for some nice vehicle-and-figure boxed sets, as well as two-packs of the regular figures.

*Who Car with Sneaky Grinch & Max the Dog: Boxed set features a Grinch figure in his Who disguise, with removable mask. The Grinch has eight points of articulation, while only Max's head is articulated. The Who car has wobbly-action wheels, flip-top roof, and a firing projectile wreath.

*Mt. Crumpit Sled with Santa Grinch & Cindy Lou Who: Boxed set has the Grinch in his Santa Claus suit, featuring fourteen points of articulation(!). Cindy Lou Who has only four points of articulation, and stands on the sled next to the seated Grinch. The sled has turbo engines that spin as it rolls, a firing ejection seat for the Grinch, a pegged stand for Cindy Lou that makes her bob up and down as the sled rolls, and a lever-operated 'cow catcher.'

*Whobilation Grinch & Mayor May Who with Flocking Gun: Whobilation Grinch has his 'I (Heart) X-Mas' shirt, with removable holly crown, and this guy has fourteen points of articulation. Mayor May Who only has three points, and comes with barber clippers. The Flocking Gun fits onto the Grinch's back, and has button-activated, spinning 'flocking' action.

*Grinch & Martha May Whovier with Snowball Launcher: At long last, a Christine Baranski action figure! She only has three points of articulation, however. The Grinch, in all his green furriness, has fourteen points of articulation, and has a tuba-like Snowball Launcher that fires four plastic 'snowballs.'

*Lederhosen Grinch & Max the Dog with Who Long Bike: The Grinch in lederhosenjust how wrong does that sound?! Anyway, he's got fourteen points of articulation, comes with Max (articulated at the neck only), who rides in the basket of the Grinch's bike. The figures also come with Grinch Voice Amplifier and Telescope accessories.

*Santa Grinch & Cindy Lou Who with Who Drum Bike: The exact same figure from the Mt. Crumpit Sled boxed set, this time packed with the Drum Bike. The Grinch fits in the seat, while Cindy Lou Who rides on a platform that makes her bob up and down as the bike rolls. Also features wrapped Christmas present and Whobilation invitation accessories.

'Boo!' to Playmates for not putting out a version of Max the Dog with his legendary antler, by the way. Another 'boo!' for not doing Martha May Whovier in her sexy Mrs. Santa outfit with her Christmas lights gun!


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