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Groening talks SIMPSONS movie

Hints it might not be as far off as fans think

By Christopher Allan Smith     February 15, 2002

Lisa Simpson meets Richard Gere in "She of Little Faith."
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In an exclusive interview carried in the latest CINESCAPE magazine, SIMPSONS creator Matt Groening had a few surprising things to say about the long talked-about SIMPSONS feature film.

"I've got lots of ideas, all of which seem like they might be more appropriate for the TV show," Groening told us. "It's very hard to come up with stories that justify a big-screen treatment but we're thinking about it."

When asked if fans would have to wait until the show ended before being treated to the film, he replied, "No. We'll get to it and everyone will be especially tired that year.

For the full CINESCAPE interview with Groening, which include his thoughts on the show and FUTURAMA, pick up the March CINESCAPE on sale February 19.


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