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[The MW3C] Maniac WolrdWideWebgamers Clubhouse

[The MW3C] Maniac WolrdWideWebgamers Clubhouse

Sugg, Review or Play with other Maniacs in your fave free webgames.


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\/\/elcome to the MW3C fellow Lunatiks! (that's Maniac's - Ed)

1/26/2009 2:03:53 AM permalink

Greetings and Welcome to the MW3C fellow Lunatiks! (that's Maniac's - Ed)

You say tomato, I say bugger off Ed.

(as your Editor, I would just like to say this, "what or who the heck is Wolrd?"

You don't know Wolrd? he's famous. he invented post-it notes.

Look, it's a Typo Ed.  And one that I can't apparently fix.  but since most people here are insane, I think we'll just leave it be.  Seems appropriate somehow.

(translation: too lazy to change it - Ed)

Don't go away with a large purple boot in your posterior Ed, just go away.

Right, Welcome Maniacs!

If you're lookin for the PS3 & Xbox Gaming Crew group, this uh wouldn't be it. 

If you have a PS3 or Xbox, Punch ((here)) to be taken to Hanso's excellent group.

This clubhouse is for sharing those webgames that abound about the net. 

You know, from the simple classic-arcade free web-browser version of Ms. Pacman (with high score gallery for Mania competitions) and the maddeningly addictive casual-game Bejeweled2 Tournament (also with high score gallery - Ed)

to the brainsharpening webgaming of MindDojo, Trivial Pursuit [the movie edition] and the Cambridge (timed) Sudoku

to the impressive free web versions of the elegant likes of Flow , Portal and Samorost

to the complex The Dark Complex and 3Dlogic

to the darker eviler Ed-pants-soiling Exmortis (he put exlax in my root beet - Ed) yeah, that's HIS story, or the simpler-yet-strangely-satisfying atmospheric H.P Lovecraft undead-shooter De-Animator.

(and don't forget the incredibly cute Tweety Zombie! - Ed)

I don't know why I let you keep your skin Ed.  

to the hyper-impressive larger and uber-professional yet-still-free online games like RuneScape, and the Halo predecessing Marathon Trilogy

to everything webgame inbetween.

Essentially, If you've discovered a webgame that you like, give, give, give and write a review, or if you're in a hurry, simply post a link sugging it to fellow Maniacs.  or we'll appear in your mirror at 2am.

In cases where high-score galleries exist in-game (such as Ms. Pacman and Bejeweled2 above) Mania competitions for high scores can take place

You know, post that you hit the highscore board today in whatever webgame, and dare fellow Maniacs to beat you else you shall own them.

or Whatever your vernacular fancy.

I'd start this clubhouse off now by listing some of my fave webgames, but through an odd quirk in the time-space continuum, I seem to have already done that. 

(that was uncharacteristically sane -Ed)

Yes, that seems to be happening more often lately. I hope this sanity thing is a passing phase. 

Anyway. See above.  All links active and lead to the webgames in question.

And for the record, if I see Maniac nomenclatures showing up in the Ms. Pacman highscore gallery, I SHALL THEN PROCEED TO OWN YOUR ARSE IN IT.

What's YOUR fav webgame?


Michael X. Maelstrom.


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