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San Diego Comic Con Survivalists

San Diego Comic Con Survivalists

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Sundays at Comic Con

7/10/2009 8:44:26 AM permalink

Hey, I'm going to Comic Con for the first time, but only managed to get a ticket for Sunday July 26, 2009. I heard that Sundays at Comic Con are usually more for kids, is that true? And is it as exciting as the other days?

Also, I found a hotel out  downtown where I can leave my car all day. The hotel is walking distance from the subway that takes me right by the convention center so no parking problems. I recommend doing it that way.



Welcome to the SDCC Survivalists

1/10/2009 10:57:47 PM permalink

Last year I experienced the San Diego Comic Con for the first time. It was an incredible experience but I’ll be the first to admit I bumbled my way through a few things. I had some help, but not enough. This group’s goal is for its members and the occasional reader to chime in with tips and ideas on how to survive the SDCC.  Everything from where to stay, how to survive the floor and what you should just plain avoid. I want to hear it all. Ask questions as well. Think the SDCC is too far away? Bookings for Hotel start in February. Six months isn’t that far off. Don't miss out on the Pop Culture event of the year!

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