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ThemanG01 5/23/2008 10:28:14 PM
I'm curious how many other gigs this guy had in those 15 months. I'm willing to be that the $100,000 in question was far from the only money he made during those months. Hollywood types are a bunch of whiny bitches.
scytheofluna 5/24/2008 2:21:13 PM
It isn't a matter of how much money he personally made, it's the principal of the thing. This is the highest grossing entertainment property in history, and the SAG contract is the issue, not a decision on the part of Rockstar themselves. His voice has been used in every commercial for the game, so I don't think he's being unreasonable. And Batman Beyond is hardly worthy of comparison in terms of the profits it generated. This guy isn't Burt Reynolds or Ray Liotta with a back catalog of films to collect royalties on, and as much as I enjoyed Soul Reaver, the Legacy of Kain series as a whole didn't generate in sales what this game sold in the first hour, again, not a fair comparison. There was zero doubt whatsoever that this game would outsell the previous record holder Halo 3. Nobody was skeptical as to how successful it was going to be, and I guarantee the nuance of this guy's performance is worth two or three Tom Cruises, and he gets paid in millions for every crap film he makes, none of which have brought in the kind of cash that GTA IV has in the last month. These kinds of arguments often come from the same guys who mod chip their machines, steal games via download, and purchase bootleg films.
lazerman 5/24/2008 6:10:57 PM
As an upcoming Voice Over Artist myself (you can check out some work I have done here ) I totally empathize with his plight, but I also must shift some of the responsibility to the actor himself. If this was a total surprise of the success of this game, then when he does the next game he should include like a .10 cent pay per play contract on any commercials that they use his voice to advertise the game. Now if this was his first major game gig, then yes getting 100,000 for voice work is freakin amazing even if it took 15 months, which I am quite sure he did not dedicate all that time to it, he did other gigs as well, so kudos for getting that gig but you signed on knowing that this is the 4th installment of the franchise and you should have researched and negotiated a better deal. I am quite sure you and your agent would have played a little hard ball, but then again if you did, there is a lot of Voice Talent out there, including myself, that would have just jumped at the chance and seen this as a HUGE notch in their resume and then use this spotlight to help in the next project that is brought to you. So in conclusion, do not use this opportunity to complain about how you feel stiffed by your contract, USE this and say "Hey, my voice was a part of a team effort that made millions for your company, and if you use me, I can do the same thing for you, but it will cost you."
MutantNinjaLoungeSingr 6/7/2008 1:40:08 AM
Their voice-work has little impact on the success of any game. Legend of zelda: twilight princess, for instance... The dialog is all random jibberish, and it did just fine. Mario... Nobody plays it to hear that squeaky "it's a-me... mario" The only exception I could see for that, is if they capitalized on the actor's name in their marketing. Aside from a Bruce Willis game made years ago, I don't remember anything like that happening. Micheal, and any other voice actor that involves himself in a video game, needs to take this for what it is. A quick paycheck and bullet point for his resume. The games are expensive enough as it is without some other reason to needlessly inflate their budgets. If anyone deserves substantial residuals, it's the developers of the game. They get royalties, but nothing near the amount the actor's believe they should get.
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