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makabriel 7/24/2013 11:02:05 AM

 Glen Close is playing a whole sqaud of people?  That'll be interesting..


redvector 7/24/2013 11:37:01 AM

I think she's the voice of a organic computer called Nova Prime which links all of the Nova Corps members.

BunyonSnipe 7/24/2013 12:06:04 PM

I have been waiting for another 'space opera' boom for nearly thirty years...

When the original Star Wars came out there were dozens of imitators and yes they were not all good, but they were almost all fun and this is what has been missing, the Star Wars prequels failed to deliver more of these sorts of films, and now maybe we will finally get that space opera resurgence with GOTG and the new Star Wars movies...


DarthBob 7/25/2013 5:36:15 AM

Something this epic needs a good soundtrack; hopefully they don't skimp on that.

ignitethepages 7/25/2013 5:37:55 AM

Teaser with Thor in November? 

DarthoftheDead 7/25/2013 7:18:41 AM

 This looks great!! I hope it hit's the mark........

lracors 7/25/2013 3:30:44 PM

I'm excited for this!

blankczech 7/31/2013 11:48:20 AM

 For a while I thought the Geek/Nerd stuff would reach a saturation point and go away when ADD people began looking for the next big thing.  Much like the endless Westerns of my youth (Cheyenne, Sugarfoot, The Rifleman, Maverick, Colt .45, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Wanted Dead or Alive, Rawhide, Tombstone Territory, The Lawman, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel etc.) disappeared from the tube almost overnight when the fickle public began to grow tired of the genre. Now I'm thinking that's not going to happen to this Mania / Comicon type of stuff anytime soon.  

When friends tell me that the movie theatre experience stinks nowadays because all they show are films for kids and adults who are channeling their inner kid and that they don't make flicks like The Godfather, Schindler's List, A Beautiful Mind or The Deer Hunter anymore, I tell them it's their fault because they rarely go to the movies and Nerds droves (many going almost once a week sometimes more, sometimes seeing the same movie more than once).  It's all about supply and demand / dollars and cents.  

I enjoy reading how passionate you all are about this stuff.  It's not a bad thing (it's relatively harmless, wholesome entertainment).  At my age I don't wish a year away for a two hour movie (hopefully lots of great experiences will take place in my life before Aug. 2014 rolls around)...but who Knows... I may end up going to see this next year...if I'm still around,  hear that it's good and I have nothing better to do...I think my grandsons will love it.

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