Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie in 2014 -

Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie in 2014

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie in 2014

A Marvel Space Epic?

By Robert T. Trate     June 30, 2012
Source: Comic Book Resources

Marvel Studios is expected to announced at Comic-Con International that "Guardians of the Galaxy" is its mystery movie set for release in May 2014.

Rumors that the studio was hoping to bring the space-faring heroes to the big screen surfaced in August, and were confirmed two months later, with President Kevin Feige saying, "There’s an opportunity to do a big space epic, which 'Thor' sort of hints at, in the cosmic side of the [Marvel] universe." Indeed, if "Thor" was the hint that Marvel has its sights on the farthest reaches of its cinematic universe, then "The Avengers," with its invading Chitauri and post-credits cameo by Thanos, was the outright declaration of intent. But on Thursday, Latino Review broke the news of the Comic-Con announcement.

Citing studio insiders, The Hollywood Reporter contends "Guardians" boasts a well-regarded script by Nicole Perlman, who as part of Marvel's now-defunct writing program so impressed executives with a Black Widow script that she was brought in to work on "Thor." (She has two space-themed biopic scripts to her credit: "Challenger," about the space shuttle disaster, and an untitled Neil Armstrong project.) The hunt is now on for a director.

Created by Arnold Drake and Gene Colan, the Guardians of the Galaxy were introduced in 1969 as a team of heroes in the 31st century -- each member the last of his kind -- that unites to defend Earth's solar system from the invading Badoon. The Guardians were reintroduced, and reimagined, in 2008 by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Paul Pelletier in a series that spun out of the "Annihilation: Conquest" storyline. The team roster included Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Star-Lord, Mantis, Moondragon, Drax the Destroyer, Bug and Major Victory.

Feige indicated in April that any "Guardians" movie would center on that 2008 version. “We are very excited about bringing things like that, maybe things exactly like that, to the screen,” he said. “When you tell people, you know what would be really cool? This movie, and there’s a raccoon, and there’s a tree … And they go, ‘What?’ And people like you know what it is, and get excited. And the majority of people go, ‘Did you say a raccoon and a tree?’ ‘Oh yeah, they’re going to steal the whole movie. They’re hilarious.’ ‘Okay, I’ll believe it when I see it.’ I like that.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, of all the projects on the studio's development slate, "Guardians" is most ready to move into production, and "fits well with Marvel’s grand plans," propelling the movie past such frequently mentioned movies as "Black Panther," "Doctor Strange" and "Iron Fist." Perlman's script reportedly captures a tone similar to that of "The Avengers," and contains plenty of comedic elements.

Marvel Studios' "Iron Man 3" Comic-Con presentation, where any "Guardians of the Galaxy" announcement would be made, will be held Saturday, July 14 at 6 p.m. in Hall H.

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keithdaniel 6/30/2012 12:00:06 PM

I had forgotten about this comic and these unique characters.  Something interesting could be made from this...let's hope!

tallman 6/30/2012 12:10:22 PM

 I only read Rocket Raccoon in various bits and bobs. Think it was in the back pages of the British version of Transformers bi-weekly mag. I didn't actually know he was in this team. I like the premise of all last of their kind.

spiderhero 6/30/2012 1:48:58 PM

I told my local comic guy after Avengers came out that they should do this. In fact, I thought they would. It only makes sense to enlarge the Marvel movie universe. Done right, this could blow people's minds & open new realms of story telling. Done wrong...cough, cough - Green Lantern.

Let's hope for the former.

Wiseguy 6/30/2012 2:15:24 PM

I had read a couple of days back that they were really high on the script by Nicole Perlman which in turn gets my hopes way up.

Marvel has some balls expanding their universe and why not with all their success. Still I think most studios would play it safe and stay with the ample proven properties, props to them.

It will be awesome to see them really expand their cosmic heroes and universe. I wonder who'll make the team. Rocket Racoon and Groot better be in it and Drax I suspect may make it if they want to tie it to Thanos as I read a rumor claimed. Anyway Rocket Racoon and Groot in a serious, albeit with comedic elements, sci/fi film can be all sorts of awesome. Is the general public ready for this much awesome

SarcasticCaveman 6/30/2012 2:38:57 PM

Never really read the comics, original or re-imagined, but I've not seen Marvel do a bad movie yet...can't wait to see what they come up with for Guardians.

On a side note, the other day they were talking about the possibility of a Marvel/Pixar movie...what Marvel property would you want to see in a Pixar format?  I would totally go see a Pixar movie of Power's already kid based, and Pixar knows how to make them entertaining for the rest of us also.

Hookedonavengers2012 6/30/2012 2:54:38 PM

 This sounds like it could be awesome! :)

redvector 6/30/2012 2:58:42 PM

They took Ironman who was an obscure character to the movie going public and not only made it work they knocked it out of the park. I don't see why they can't do that with GOTG.

Hookedonavengers2012 6/30/2012 3:19:04 PM

 is one of the members bug from the micronauts? Why do they have Capt Americas shield? 

BunyonSnipe 6/30/2012 3:36:02 PM

Rocket Raccoon was always one of my fave Marvel characters, can we take bets on who will voice him..?

I'm guessing Tom Hanks or Bill Murray.

BunyonSnipe 6/30/2012 3:40:34 PM

Or maybe even Greg Ellis, but probably not...

Would be nice, but probably not.

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