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redvector 4/10/2014 9:56:22 AM

If you've seen TWS there's no worries that Marvel studios will be cranking out "kids" movies. Stabbings, shootings, people getting thown off buildings, thrown in front of a speeding semi, and blown up. Not to mention some of the best choreographed fight scenes they make the ones from the Dark Knight Rises look like they came up with them on a school yard.

I look at GotG as a palet cleanser to balance out the darkness of TWS. But judging from GotG's trailer it looks pretty dark too.


reek 4/10/2014 11:28:32 PM

 @redvector: I hear you, Winter Soldier had plenty of violence.  When I worry about the Disnification of Marvel, it's not something I fear in the near term, but rather a few years from now when the revenue stream from the Marvel movies starts to dry up some.  That's when I'm afraid Disney corporate will step in and say "OK, we know how to make these movies for a 10 year old audience, so we're going to do that".  Not saying it will happen, just a possibility that troubles me.

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