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thezillaman 8/19/2012 1:12:20 PM

 who cares if little 7 year old kids flood the theaters. im taking my kids to watch it and im going to enjoy it just as much as they will. i don't get why some people are so butt hurt over this. then again in the end to all of us is just a movie . and in the other hand to the makers of the film it's about #'s and big box office $$. thats the way it always has been. hell even Avengers brought in millions of kids and to the oldest. who cares? everyone has a choice you go watch it or you don't. but to just talk shit and cry anout it without even watching a trailer just makes some people sound DUMB!!

Rockhead 8/19/2012 4:04:27 PM

Serioiusly? by you reckoning? Pick up the book. It's gonna be Peter Quill. That's what kills me about these articles being written by people who haven't read the books.

Rockhead 8/19/2012 4:12:36 PM

@ElBaz13 - re: Nathan Fillion playing Peter Quill, my toughts exactly. That would be perfect casting.

Wiseguy 8/19/2012 5:37:25 PM

Agree Rockhead, didn't read that far but obviously is Peter Quill. Marvel already pretty much confirmed it when they released that concept art, it shows the team they opted for, the modern one.

I too hope they cast Fillion even though I think he looks a bit too old for the role. But if it gets everyone to stop nominating him for every damn role that comes up I'll be happy. And let's cast Fassbender for Groot for the same reason

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