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KungPow 2/18/2014 12:24:49 PM

 It's great that they have the toys up and all, but comingsoon has the trailer snippet up.  Full trailer tonight!  So far it is looking better than I thought it would.

RobertTrate 2/18/2014 1:17:28 PM

 Trailer is up too! Look on the main page to the left in the news section!

monkeyfoot 2/18/2014 1:29:28 PM

Great pics and Vines!!! I never read the comic so I don't know how he's portrayed but I'm wondering if audiences will like a gun-toting talking raccoon. Is he cutesy? Is he hilarious? is he a Wolverine type badass? We'll see.

millean 2/18/2014 3:36:12 PM

Starlord almost looks like he could be a horror villian when he has that mask...  :)

I'm not nearly as pumped about GotG as most of you are, but I hope it is awesome and kicks major @$$ at the box office.  Marvel pushing the envelope and having success could only be a good thing for all of us fanboys/fangirls/fanraccoons...



stonedtodeath 2/20/2014 9:05:35 AM

@monkeyfoot - Rocket is portrayed as a bad ass, he doesn't like being called a raccoon and usually has a witty remark regarding his cuteness.  Usually only Earthlings call him a cute cuddly raccoon.

blankczech 4/24/2014 9:10:25 AM

 This movie is going to be huge (much bigger than Thor or Captain America).  I don't think Disney is pushing the envelope at all on's a no brainer...a badass little Racoon and his buddy the Talking Tree are going to eat this up (this has Wizard of Oz / Star Wars potential).  I suspect a lot of these toys will find their way onto my four grandsons' Christmas lists later this year and I'll be in Toys R Us late one night trying to latch on to them before there are none left on the shelves.



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