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ThunderJessica 2/19/2014 6:36:41 AM

 I am so looking forward to this.  Cannot wait

Wiseguy 2/19/2014 7:51:18 AM

At the 1:59 mark that has to be Ronan and it appears that he is holding the Universal Weapon

Need a better  look. Guess we'll have to wait for trailer #2

Higgy 2/19/2014 8:11:37 AM

Looks a little too silly to me, but this is just the first trailer, and they may have just shown all the more silly parts.  I hope it's good and has some serious tone to it as well.  I like some comedy in it but not over the top.  It's nice to have a good mix of both serious and comedy.

kinetoscope 2/19/2014 8:56:06 AM

 I knew nothing about this series, but this looks amazing. CP is having the year of his life. I look forward to seeing this film. 

aegrant 2/19/2014 9:14:47 AM

 anybody know how Thanos will tie in - will it be Gamora since that's her dad?

Wiseguy 2/19/2014 9:21:26 AM

In the ultimate universe Thanos is Ronan's dad. I guess they can choose blood son or adopted daughter

I'm guessing they'll choose blood and go with the Ronan link but that's just my guess

Rizing 2/19/2014 10:02:11 AM

I was pleasantly surprised. It looked like a lot of fun. I loved the music they used in the trailer, which had me laughing. Set the mood.

I hope we would at least get a hint of Thanos- a brief scene or something, somewhere in this film.


redhairs99 2/19/2014 11:11:14 AM

HomestarRunner, the dude saying "A-Holes" is Peter Serafinowicz.  He's the voice of Darth Maul in Phantom Menace and is the other roommate in Shaun of the Dead among other roles.  I thought that bit was fantastic!  I think with the cast they have here in Pratt, Cooper, Rooker, Benicio Del Toro and director James Gunn, I think it's safe to say the overall tone will be comedic.  I don't think that's a bad thing at all.  Of course we don't want Naked Gun type comedy played for laughs, but if it works in the context and there can still be serious moments, then that works for me.

dough54321 2/19/2014 11:43:56 AM

The first thing that came to mind for me was:  Fantastic Four.  I thought that they were trying to forget that.  Why make the same mistake with a comic series that very little know or care about?  If they're trying to get people in to this, making it funny will not make it happen.  Sorry for being pessimistic, but I felt the same about Iron Man 3.  It was "over the top" with the comedy, too.  Avengers had humor but was mostly dark. 

Chopsaki 2/19/2014 12:06:56 PM

This looks pretty cheesy, and not in a good way.

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