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VTGamehendge 8/14/2012 5:28:45 PM

Word.  Thought so.  I'd be down for a Cage movie.  Pretty sure that was the first comic book I ever actually read.  I remember my mom bought it for me from the local Rite Aid up the street.  They also used to rent out movies.  That's how I got into Freddy and Jason, lol!

BTW, welcome back Wise.  I was getting bored around here without you.

alienstatue 8/14/2012 7:55:08 PM

I'm sooo ready for this film. I just hope the writing and story is solid, and it's not just a rush to get audiences ready for Thanos or something galactic like that.

GothicStorm 8/14/2012 9:27:59 PM

 Hmmmm...must be another slow news day.

Dazzler 8/15/2012 4:43:52 AM

I just hope it's not a comedy.  Rocket Raccon might push that in that direction. 

MrEt 8/15/2012 5:30:05 AM

I just hope that they mean for the flick to be able to stand alone, would love for it not to play too much on Thanos and serve only as an advertisement for Avengers 2.

redvector 8/15/2012 6:11:43 AM

To do this right you'd need a director who can handle an ensemble cast like Joss Whedon. But since he's already done Avengers I don't see him directing. But he'll likely be an executive producer. This incarnation of the Guardians is essentially the A-Team in space with Drax as the analog of BA Baracus and Rocket Raccoon as Murdock.

monkeyfoot 8/15/2012 7:43:54 AM

Like Daredevil, Cage & Iron Fist would make a great TV show.

Shogunn2517 8/15/2012 9:24:10 AM

I have to agree with CaptAmerica.  Completely.  I am a pretty solid comic fan, but those characters are hardly recognizable to moviegoers.  I don't even think they're hardly believeable.  It's hard to see a racoon in a heroic role and not think I'm watching a Disney movie....... yeah.  I just can't get excited about this.  I doubt movie fans will either.

Wiseguy 8/15/2012 10:13:21 AM

But folk can accept all the outlandish characters in Star Wars, cat people in Avatar, giant robots in Transformers, talking walking trees in LOTR........yeah I don't think acceptin a badass raccoon will be as big a reach as some think. It's a space sci/fi fantasy and something original so I don't see a big difference from other original properties that made it big

InnerSanctum 8/15/2012 10:23:53 AM

 Okay, outer space team with a tree and a raccoon as team members.  Released in August gives one pause.  The big films have all been released in May through July.  Anyway, assume they fight Thanos.  I'm not saying it isn't going to be a fun movie, I just prefer the earth bound heroes.  Iron Man was my fave of all of them simply because it seemed somewhat plausible in the real world.  But, it was a whole lot of fun seeing all the Avengers assemble (even though I'm not a fan of all the casting choices.)  They did a great job.  GOTG just seem like team "B".  I hope they keep that Universe seperate.  I'm afraid it will be a bit hard to take a raccoon seriously in the Avenger's universe.  

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