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A Guide To Super Robot Wars: Original Generation

An indepth look at the anime world for new viewers and those coming from the videogames

By Fencedude     October 13, 2010

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector
© Banpresto

Intro by Chris Beveridge

Super Robot Wars: OG The Inspector is getting a simulcast release on Crunchyroll and it's potentially one of the most complex and involved shows out there with so many angles to it and a lot of history. Long time forum member Fencedude, an avid fan of the show who talked about a lot of it with me when Bandai Visual USA released the previous series over here, has written up an extensive introduction to the property in general and the previous season and more. Because of the extensive nature of it, I wanted to preserve it and make it available to more readers who may be interested in the show and its rich history, or they've just played the games and are interested in the anime being available.


Super Robot Wars: OG
In the early 21st century, two meteors struck Earth, destroying New York City and Moscow. In the aftermath, the governments of Earth united under the Earth Federation, and announced the creation of a new calendar, the Space Era. Nearly two centuries later, in SE 179, a third meteor struck. In the remains of this meteor, known as Meteor 3, advanced technology was discovered. Dubbed Extra-Over Technology, EOT, this led to the development of new mobile weapons known as Personal Troopers. That same year, the battleship Hiryuu, leading an expedition to the edges of the solar system, was attacked by mysterious aliens, though this event was covered up and never became publicly known...

In SE 186, the Earth Federation decides to form two experimental Personal Trooper squads, the SRX Team and the ATX Team. Originally formed at a Japanese Izu base, the SRX team was to be focused on advanced units, created using a combination of experimental earth technology, and the latest fruits of the work being done on Meteor 3 by the team at the EOT Institute. While the ATX Team was to be formed in America at the EF's Langley base, and focus on examining previously discarded prototypes and attempting to adapt them to effective use. 

The SRX Team was headed by Ingram Plisken (CV: Furusawa Toru, Theme: Time Diver). The lead pilot was chosen to be Ryuusei Date (CV: Miki Shinichiro, Theme: EVERWHERE YOU GO), a young man who was discovered via a secret EF recruitment program, disguised as a robot piloting videogame. Ryuusei made it to the finals, and was discovered to have Psychodriver potential. During the finals, the stadium was attacked by alien bug mechs, and Ryuusei found his way to a Gespenst Mk.II Telekinesis Type that was brought along with the EF squad observing him. He managed to use it to fight off the mysterious "Aerogators".

The other two main members of the SRX Team are Raidese F. Branstein (CV: Okiayu Ryotaro, Theme Ice Man), a genius pilot who lost his left hand while testing the experimental Huckebein 008R, and Aya Kobayashi (CV: Touma Yumi, Theme: Psychic Energy), a powerful Psychodriver who serves as the commanding officer of the three person team, and Ingram's second in command of the overall SRX Project.

Initially, both Ryuusei and Aya pilot Gespenst Mk.II-TT units, while Rai, lacking Psychodriver abilities, pilots the artillery supportSchutswald. After their initial formation, the SRX Team is sent to Antarctica, to serve as guards for the unveling of the EF's most advanced unit, the Granzon. Simultaneously, they will be making first contact with the "Guest" aliens...

Meanwhile, in America, the ATX Team begins to be formed under Sanger Zonvolt (CV: Ono Kenichi, Theme: The Sword that Cleaves Evil), a former member of the EF's Aggressor Team. He brings in two younger, but still experienced pilots; Kyosuke Nanbu (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki, Theme: Steel Beowulf) and his partner and girlfriend, Excellen Browning (CV: Mizutani Yuko, Theme: Platinum Lucifer). He also brings in a promising young protege, Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfield (CV: Sugita Tomokazu, Theme: Ace Attacker). Bullet is the only member of the ATX Team with Psychodriver abilities.

Sanger pilots the prototype Super Robot Grungust Type-0, equipped with the massive Zankantou Ship Slicing Sword. Kyosuke, due to his headstrong, forward rushing attitude, is assigned the Alteisen, a modified Gespenst widely considered unpilotable due to its extreme focus on up close and personal combat, and a balance that is best summed up as "top heavy". Excellen is assigned theWeissritter, a heavily modified Gespenst Mk.II, the first PT capable of unassisted flight, it was also widely considered unpilotable. Its focus is on high-speed aerial support, and features virtually no armor and extremely limited close combat abilities. Bullet, for the time being, is assigned a Gespenst Mk.II-TT to utilize his psychodriver abilities.

During the unveiling of the Granzon, a powerful machine created by EOTI Scientiest Shuu Shirakawa (CV: Koyasu Takehito, Theme:Dark Prison), things go rather massively wrong. With a horde of alien bugs attacking the unveiling, and their alien "Guests" and then a mysterious machine of unknown origin attacks Granzon, which itself has suddenly started attacking the EF Units in concert with the aliens, badly damaging or destroying almost everyone except the SRX Team, and destroying the prototype battleship Shirogane. Meanwhile, the ATX Team, on patrol in the Arctic Sea comes to the defense of the battleship Hiryuu Kai, also being attacked by the alien bugs. The ATX Team joins Hiryuu pilots Katina Tarask (CV: Yaguchi Asami, Theme: TA CO NI GU RI) and Russel Bagman (CV: Aoki Takashi) in fending off the bugs.

Just as the dust was clearing from this unexpected alien attack, Bian Zoldark (CV: Iizuka Shouzou, Theme: Valsion), head researcher at the EOTI studying Meteor 3, declares the formation of a group called the "Divine Crusaders" and essentially declares war on the entire planet, claiming he is the only one who can lead them to victory against the alien threat. Simultaneously, Maier V. Branstein(CV: Wakamoto Norio), leader of the colonies orbiting Earth declares his allegiance with Bian. These two, along with Shuu Shirakawa, form the greatest threat the Earth Federation has ever faced. The EF Forces across the globe are rapidly devestated by surprise attacks by Divine Crusader units hidden in preparation for this moment. Additionally, the DC are using units known as "Armored Modules", not Personal Troopers. These AMs are flight capable using the EOT derived Tessla Drives, and are manifestly superior to the majority of the EF Forces, even the recently rolled out Gespenst Mk.II-M.

After the event in Antarctica, the SRX Team returned to their base in Japan, but shortly they are attacked by the Divine Crusaders as well. They escape the attack onboard the Hagane, sister ship of the Shirogane. It is commanded by Daitetsu Minase (CV: Shibata Hidekatsu, Theme: The Steel Ark Ver. M) and Tetsuya Onodera (CV: Horikawa Jin). They are joined by several new pilots in their flight. Latooni Subotta (CV: Hirai Riko, Theme: Brass Sincerity), a shy, reserved girl, who's eyes are filled with sadness; her adopted "parents" Garnet Sandi (CV: Sakuma Kumi, Theme: Beat and Beat) and Giada Venerdi (CV: Okuda Keiji, Theme: Beat and Beat), all three piloting Gespenst Mk.II-Ms. Also piloting a Gespenst is Veteran Ace Pilot Kai Kitamura (CV: Saizen Tadahisa, Theme: Rushing Dandy); and finally, for now, is Irmgard Kazahara (CV: Horiuchi Kenyuu, Theme: Time to Come), piloting the Invincible Transforming Super Robot Grungust. The SRX Team and their companions decide that its up to them to stop Bian, and start making their way across the pacific to Aidoneous Island, where Meteor 3 impacted, and where Bian and the Divine Crusaders are based.

Meanwhile, the ATX Team and the crew of the Hiryuu Kai, commanded by Lefina Enfield (CV: Iwao Junko, Theme: Ships Full of Hope), a young genius strategist, and her second Sean Webley (CV: Tanaka Kan), who formerly served with Daitetsu, head into space, to confront Maier's UCC Forces. Along the way they also pick up Guilliam Yeager (CV: Tanaka Hideyuki, Theme: Hero Senki) a former comrade of Sanger's, who pilots the Gespenst R, one of the original Gespenst prototypes. However tragedy strikes in their first battle, when confronted by UCC Ace Pilot Elzam von Branstein (CV: Inada Tetsu, Theme: Trombe!, brother of Rai, and an old friend of Sanger's. Elzam manages to disable Sanger's Grungust, and immediately retreats, taking Sanger and his unit with him. 

As the SRX Team heads across the ocean, the SRX Team itself gets a few upgrades. Ryuusei moves to the Wildrauptier transforming PT, while Rai moves to the recently completed R-2. They also gain two new pilots, Rio Mei Long (CV: Natsuki Rio, Theme: Justice Girl) formerly an operator on the Hagane, who was discovered to have Psychodriver abilities, and Ryoto Hikawa (CV: Kobayashi Yumiko, Theme: Right and Kind) a former DC Pilot who was captured on Rio's first sortie. Rio pilots a Gespenst Type-TT while Ryoto pilots his Lion F Armored Module. Along the way they also encounter the mysterious machine that attacked Granzon in Antarctica, they discover it is called Cybuster and is piloted by a young man named Masaki Andou (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru, Theme: Neppu! Shippu! Cybuster!) and his two talking cats Shiro (CV: Orikasa Ai) and Kuro (CV: Sakuma Rei). They claim to be from the world of La Giars, somewhere beneath the surface of Earth, and are in pursuit of Shuu Shirakawa, who committed great crimes in their world. Since the SRX Team is going after Bian, and extension, Shuu, Masaki joins up to assist.

Back in space, the ATX Team has also gained some reinforcements. during a stop on the moon, Bullet upgrades to the Huckebein Mk.II, and two more pilots join their ranks, the somewhat mysterious EF Special Agent Viletta Badam (CV: Tanaka Atsuko, Theme:Woman the Cool Spy) piloting the incomplete, but still powerful R-Gun and Tasuku Shinguji (CV: Yamaguchi Kappei, Theme: Gan! Gan! Gigan!), former Hiryuu Kai mechanic prodigy, with the gigantic, lumbering prototype of all mobile weapons, the strongest shield,Giganscudo. The Giganscudo comes in handy very quickly, the Hiryuu and the ATX Team are attacked by UCC Forces, led by none other than Sanger Zonvolt himself, having switched sides after being captured by Elzam. Sanger's Zankantou, the strongest sword, faces off against the Giganscudo, the strongest shield, and Tasuku barely manages to hold out, but is injured in the process. The ATX Team heads onwards, seeking to prevent the UCC from landing their forces to reinforce the DC Units on earth, which would ensure the DC's final victory.

The SRX Team approaches Aidoneous Island, after having fought through numerous battles with the DC, and defeating a number of the best commanders and aces. They even confronted Shuu and his Granzon, but Shuu let them escape. Along the way, Ryuusei was finally able to upgrade to the R-1, the key to the SRX Project. He passed the Wildrauptier down to Latooni. Rai had several encounters with his older brother Elzam, who had come down to Earth to work for Bian, while Sanger took his place with the UCC in space. But finally, the SRX Team and the crew of the Hagane make it to Aidoneous, and enter Bian's base. There they encounter Shuu Shirakawa in the Granzon, and Bian Zoldark in the Valsion. After an epic battle, they manage to drive Shuu into retreat, and defeat Bian once and for all. But with his dying worlds, Bian seems...proud of them? As this is happening, the Hiryuu Kai and ATX Team are having their final battle against Maier Branstein and the UCC. They similarly manage to prevail, defeating Sanger and destroying Maier's vessel. And similarly, he seems proud of what they've done. 

After the defeat of Bian and Maier, the DC is thrown into chaos, some surrender, but many groups splinter apart, determined to continue the fight, even without their leaders. The Hiryuu Kai returns to Earth, but the SRX Team intercepts a distress call from a small nation in Europe, they are under attack by DC Splinter forces. The SRX Team heads to rescue them, and barely manages to keep the DC from making off with the princess of the country, Schine Hauzen (CV: Kaihara Reina). The SRX Team returns to Japan, and learn they are getting a new teammate, Kusuha Mizuha (CV: Takahashi Mikako, Theme: Blue Blue Sky), a childhood friend of Ryuusei's, who has also demonstrated Psychodriver traits. She is assigned the Super Robot Grungust Type-2, designed for Psychodriver use. Ryuusei, Rai and Kusuha are set to do a combat simulation against unknown enemies. The "Enemy" force turns out to be the ATX Team. Ryuusei is to fight Kyosuke, Rai, now in the upgraded R-2 Powered, is to fight Excellen and Kusuha faces off against Bullet.

However Bullet, realizing he is facing novice (and they are using live ammo) refuse to fight Kusuha, and both their machines are shut down. Excellen and Rai are basically unable to hit each other, they just dodge each others attacks endlessly. So it comes down to Ryuusei vs. Kyosuke. Ryuusei has the advantage of one of the most advanced machines yet created, while Kyosuke has the advantage of much more experience, and a machine optimized to his fighting style. The battle ends with Alteisen losing an arm, but defeating the R-1 regardless.

After this, the ATX and SRX Teams are united under the command of Ingram, with the Hiryuu Kai and Hagane serving as their mobile bases of operation. Their first mission is in space, against UCC and DC remnants. When they confront the remaining forces, which include Leona Garstein (CV: Sakakibara Yuri, Theme: Treue), a cousin of Rai's, and someone the ATX Team had faced several times. She had formed a specific rivalry with Tasuku. Tasuku and Rai manage to convince her to change sides during this battle. But then, a new machine appears, the Valsione, piloted by Lune Zoldark (CV: Hidaka Narumi, Theme: Flapper Girl), daughter of Bian Zoldark. But interestingly, she doesn't hold a grudge, and in fact helps the ATX and SRX Teams defeat the UCC and DC forces, and then joins up with them. It seems she understands why her father had to be defeated.

Shortly after this however, the real threat emerges. Just as things seem to have quieted down, a huge moon sized space station appears in orbit above the Earth, it is Nevi'im, named "White Star" by the Earth Forces. On board are the aliens known to humans as "Aerogators", or their true name, the Balmar Empire. Led by Levi Torah (CV: Orikasa Ai, Theme: Marionette Messiah), they state their intention of conquering Earth, to use humans as the latest cog in their massive war machine. This leads to attacks by the Balmar across the already war torn planet, as the ATX Team and SRX Team scramble to find ways of countering the new threat.

During an attack Beijing, Aya is finally able to use her R-Machine, the R-3 Powered. The complete SRX Team sorties for the first time, along with Ingram, who has taken over the R-Gun from Viletta. But right as the SRX Team is about to form the SRX, Aya is shot down...by Ingram Plisken. Ingram reveals he has been a Balmar spy all along, and created the SRX Team specifically to help human technology advance to the point where they would be useful to the Balmar. The SRX Team and the rest are shocked by this revelation, but end up managing to fight off the attack, and drive Ingram into retreat. Aya however is injured, and the R-Machines damaged.

As the SRX Team recovers, the rest fight off more Balmar attacks, but in one attack, Kusuha is kidnapped by a Balmar general, and then brainwashed into serving the Balmar. However Bullet was able to get through to her, and she was able to shake off the brainwashing.

Meanwhile, the SRX Team has been restored, but as they are on a training exercise in a remote area, they are attacked by an overwhelming Balmar force, including both Levi Torah herself, and Ingram, in the hideously modified R-Gun, now known as R-Gun Rivale. In their most desperate moment, Ryuusei calls out VARIABLE FORMATION, and for the first time, the SRX Team lives up to its name, and the Super Robot X-Type, SRX (Theme: Soul of Steel) is born!

After this, the major push against the Balmar begins. They reach an impasse when trying to get into the White Star, but unexpected help arrives in the form of Sanger and Elzam, who arrive in the battleship Kurogane and blast their way into Nevi'im itself. Inside, they once again face Ingram in his Rivale, but manage to defeat him, he seems...relieved, as if this is what he wanted all along. But then all that is left is Levi Torah. In her massive unit known as Judecca, she attacks unrelentingly. The battle ends up on the surface of the White Star, but in the end, the heroes prevail.

But as Judecca falls, an alert is raised, something is happening on Aidoneous Island. The teams rush back to Earth, and find that Meteor 3 itself has risen from the ground, and transformed into a gigantic cyrstaline entity known as Septuagint, and it is in the process of restoring Levi and Judecca. With only moments to spare, it is destroyed with overwhelming firepower, and the threat of the Balmar Empire is ended. For now.

Peace returns to Earth, though there are still remnants of the Divine Crusaders, calling themselves the Neue DC, and there are rumblings of other threats. Threats seen in the shadows of mirrors, and of horrors beyond comprehension...


The new series, streaming via Crunchyroll.com, is called Super Robot Wars: OG The Inspector, which you can preview via this trailer that came out prior to the first episode:

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littlemikey979 10/13/2010 8:37:29 AM

I've never heard of this before. But after watching that clip, that is some cool sh!t.

FullMetalPrinny 10/17/2010 8:25:17 PM

I was so waiting for this series to come out and then im watching it every week on Crunchyroll because im a huge fan of the game and series especially the OG saga.

After I watch the series I want Bandai to release the dvd set and im in heaven!

by the way love the page tribute of info



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