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Puck85 3/15/2010 9:14:55 AM

On the DVD video quality you gave it an "A" even though its a completly crappy and much worse encode(FUNi really sucked back then). You complain about noise but its more presents in the DVD release, the Blu-ray removes most of the noise(which some don't like BTW).

I find that given what they were dealing with, they did a decent job and video deserves a solid B. The DVD release should've got a D for its video instead.

Stratosblitz 3/15/2010 12:12:52 PM

Indeed, I also did not find the video quality as wanting as the reviewer did.

The review is otherwise very much on target, especially regarding overall quality of the show itself and the extra impact of the crisper audio.  We even came to the series with the same sense of caution regarding just what the angle was with these young girls with guns.  But it is actually surprisingly mature, and as much about the handlers  as the girls.  Suffice to say, everyone understands in their own way the tragic environment they live/work in



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