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Gurren Lagann Movie Site Teases

By Chris Beveridge     April 01, 2010

Gurren Lagann
© Aniplex

Aniplex has opened a teaser site for the Gurren Lagann movie this week in order to start building awareness of the property as they intend to get it out here in a more available form for fans. The TV series is one that has had a checkered history in North America with it originally being licensed by ADV Films and then getting shuffled over to Bandai Entertainment for release. Because of the wait due to the change in companies and other issues, Bandai released the show initially in subtitle-only form so it got out there quick to the waiting fans. They then released a dubbed version later on in a bilingual release. The show has still yet to receive a full box set (similar to Code Geass which is also still only available in multiple part forms) and the property hasn't gotten much attention since the final part came out nearly a year ago.


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Baby Naruto 4/2/2010 3:02:07 PM

I really hope that the Movies end up getting English Dubbed, preferrably with the same voice cast from the series.



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