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ponyboy76 9/3/2009 10:47:04 AM

Lobo, really? I'd see it but I`m more worried that the guy who penned FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer is the one doing this.

redhairs99 9/3/2009 11:40:58 AM

Xeno, my thoughts exactly.  I just don't see Lobo working as a stand-alone film.  Hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

Off Topic, is anyone else having trouble with their accounts?  I logged in and tryied to view my account and it prompts me to change my username (which sucks BTW) and enter my current password.  I do, and I get the message that my password is incorrect, which it's not since I am logged in.  Anyway, just curious if anyone else was having the same issue.

hanso 9/3/2009 11:59:12 AM

I haven't had any problems but after I log on it sends me directly to my profile and it didn't do that before.  The profiles still haven't been fixed.  Damn you Mania Tech people!!!

Anyway, I think I saw Violator had the same problem you did Redhairs.


dragon261 9/3/2009 1:23:19 PM

DC is scrambling to put product out on film with the recent Marvel/Disney news. Lobo is one of their lesser known characters that few people have ever even heard of so I think that DC is going to the b-list dumpster to try and generate interest.

fft5305 9/3/2009 1:45:26 PM

Yeah, I had the same problem. Had to create a new username.  Dammit.  Something about merging the anime section with Mania, which I could give a rats ass about. I never read anything on anime.

I got no problem with a PG-13 Lobo. Every time I saw him, he was always written as a tame version of a badass that was toned down to fit into younger skewing books. He never actually seemed like a "hard" character that would need an R rating.

fft5305 9/3/2009 1:53:50 PM

P.S.  Hey Mania! If you're going to f--- with our usernames and change things, give us back our edit buttons and fix our profiles first!  Dammit!!  ARGH!

lazarus 9/3/2009 2:18:06 PM

Ok LOBO would be awesome only IF they would portray him in the same manner as in DCU Justice League Unlimited and in the Almagram crossovers. He is a great character to explore. They could do a small back story of how he inadvertantly blew up his homeworld making him the last Czarnian in the universe. Unlike something noble, he actually kills all the other members of his species. SOOO this could be good but needs his catch phrases and gratueous violence to make it work. The premise is good but do not team him up with a teenage girl, that is so gay, I mean Elton John screwing Boy George on holiday gay. If you wanna see Lobo watch Superman the Adventures of, and DCU JL death of Superman, he is priceless, Stacks cars on Kaliback and makes him say uncle. Check out the page on Wikiapedia.

Chopsaki 9/3/2009 3:33:31 PM

lazarus: "The premise is good but do not team him up with a teenage girl, that is so gay, I mean Elton John screwing Boy George on holiday gay."


I couldn't have said it better myself. PG-13 with teenage girl sidekicks, it sounds like Lobo already has been pussified...

JarrodSarafin 9/3/2009 3:50:15 PM

redheirs99, fft5305...Thank you for reporting it. I'll pass it along so it can be resolved.

HudsonTaco 9/3/2009 4:22:27 PM

The Flash first please!!! Lobo PG-13 gonna suck, although I really didn't like Punisher: Warzone and it was rated "R"

I saw Watchmen 2 times Hanso I can't do it all alone.

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