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H2Overdrive to take speedboat racing to a whole new level

Prepare to be soaked!

By Troy Roberts     July 12, 2001
Source: Crave Entertainment

Crave Entertainment announced today their new title, H2OVERDRIVE, an over-the-top speedboat racing game for the Playstation 2.

"In the tradition of action-packed arcade racers, we are capturing the speed and excitement of kart racing but in intense and unusual water environments," said Holly Newman, Executive Vice President at Crave. The Global Powerboat Racers League (GPRL) is the only watersport competition that really matters in this game, as their races are known for their sheer action and excitement. Race tracks range from lakes and rivers to the human body and even to the surface of Mars.

H2OVERDRIVE will feature both single player and multiplayer modes, ten huge tracks, ten original characters (all rendered in 3D), and 10 crazy vehicles.

H2OVERDRIVE is scheduled to be released winter 2001.


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