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  • Age Rating: All
  • Released By: Geneon Anime Music
  • MSRP: 14.98
  • Aspect Ratio: 013023522428
  • Disc Resolution: 480i/p (mixed/unknown)
  • Disc Encoding: MPEG-2
  • Series: .hack//SIGN

.hack//Game Music Collection

By Lauren Goodnight     May 28, 2005
Release Date: March 16, 2004

.hack//Game Music Collection
© Geneon Anime Music

What They Say
.hack’s charm // To the releasing of the soundtrack
From CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama:

First of all, I’d like to tell all of the users, “Thank you for waiting!” Ever since we released the first volume of the game in June of last year, the voices to request the release of the game version’s soundtrack came in by mail, e-mails and our Homepage’s Q&A section from the users nationwide. During this time the soundtracks for the video version of .hack//SIGN were released one after another and I often heard praise such as “it’s a great soundtrack!” or requests such as “how long do we need to wait for a version of the game soundtrack?” At last, we can tell everyone: thank you for waiting.

The soundtrack for all 4 volumes of .hack are packed into this best collection CD. Once you have finished all of the games, if you listen to this album, everything from the 4 volumes will play in your head like a revolving lantern. This album could even make you want to play the game all over again starting from the first volume. I believe the quality of this album is good enough for that.

.hack is one of a few mixed media projects among the many other products released every year. As pillars in this family of products related to .hack, the game soundtrack and animation soundtracks are not separate entities and have a few common characteristics. This game soundtrack will probably remind you of a scene from .hack//SIGN when you listen to it, however .hack has such charm and I believe that is an added value of the project.

The best thing that happened in this .hack project is that we became the trigger itself for the entire project. Although .hack has been widely developed in different media formats it all began with our planning of the script three years ago. Fortunately, the production of the game, animation and comics started with the help of Bandai and many other related entities in the industry. All of the .hack projects have not been just a simple media mix, but a media project where each component had its own time axis, main characters and stories. Therefore, no matter where you started from (game, animation or comic), you can enjoy the project itself and also gain additional enjoyment from the different dimensions of the links between the projects. That is our biggest accomplishment as well as our satisfaction. I believe you will experience such an enjoyment from this soundtrack, that I’d recommend that you listen to .hack//SIGN, .hack//LIMINALITY and .hack//EXTRA soundtracks, too. I think that is the way to enjoy .hack. It would be my pleasure if you fully enjoy this project from the first track to the last.

Text • interviewer / Osamu Kobayashi

The Review!
Four .hack// games unfolded in Japan, as did a few novels and some anime, before the game music was released for fans. This is what they got: a 31-track compilation album containing some of the more relevant tunes from .hack//INFECTION, .hack//MUTATION, .hack//OUTBREAK, and .hack//QUARANTINE. Some of the songs are event-related, some are character themes, and all are from one game or another, even if some sound like they are from the anime. The limitations of the Playstation's musical audio capabilities are apparent in several of the songs, and the experience is similar to that of listening to Nobuo Uematsu's work for the early Final Fantasy titles released on the Playstation. However, the vocal tracks are luminous and the imagination here far exceeds the normal, run-of-the-mill RPG soundtrack. True, it isn't Final Fantasy, but what is? Even in Square's impressive stable, there are a few FF titles that just. . .well, missed when it came to the music. This, however, does not miss. Highly recommended for fans of .hack// and game music in general.

Where I took it, and where it took me: Occasionally, I will sit down to write. When I do, I need a good mood disc. I tried this out, and a lovely medieval fantasy spread out before me.
Standout track: 'Lios ~ Helba' and 'Aura's Theme': Lovely. Simply lovely.
Skip-it track: Field Prarie Rain as a General Rule ~ Combat: Too tinny, too plunky, too. . .everything I dislike about RPG soundtracks.

Rating: 4 out of 5

rtown0 Server Water Capital Aqua Anu,
stage01 Field Prairie Rain As a General Rule-Combat,
aura1 Aura's Theme,
blackrose BlackRose's Theme,
cathedral The Concealed Forbidden Sanctuary,
str9_2 Balmung Appears then the Virus Bug,
mia Mia's Theme,
piroshi Piroshi's Theme,
rtown1 Server Highland City Dun Loireag,
ev05 Phase 1 Skeith,
str10 A Recollection of Volume 1(The Birth of Cubia),
str11 Lios ~ Helba,
ev10 Phase 2 Innis,
rtown2 Server Cultural City Carmina Gadelica,
dgn03 Field Forest As a General Rule-Combat,
ev00 Net Slum,
ev11 Phase 3 Magus,
rtown5 Server Aerial City Fort Ouph,
ev13 Phase 4 Fidchell,
puti Putiguso's Theme,
ev14 Phase 5 Gorre,
str19 Macha's Arrival,
ev17 Phase 6 Macha,
rtown6 Server Relic City Lia Fail,
ev20 Cubia The Fourth Level,
ev18 Phase 7 Tarvos,
ev19_1 Phase 8 Corbenik The First-The Second Levels,
str21 Drain Heart,
ending Ending,
staff4 Volume 4 Staff Roll,
str32 Resurrection of Mia•A Revolution Fantasy,

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I love it!

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This collection is great!

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Like this very much.

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I love the collection

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