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Hacking HALF-LIFE 2

James and Troy tackle the issue of the recently hacked HALF-LIFE 2 and exactly what it means to the gaming industry.

By Troy Roberts and James Stevenson     October 17, 2003

This time in our weekly column, James and Troy tackle the issue of the recently hacked HALF-LIFE 2 and exactly what it means to the gaming industry.

"Stealing source code is just a bastardly thing to do. Not only is it illegal, it makes hundreds of thousands of gamers wait longer for the release of HALF-LIFE 2. Obviously Valve needs to improve its security, but that's no excuse. The stolen source code means cheating may be much more rampant. Personally, I was really looking forward to getting into HALF-LIFE 2 before the year was out - now we'll have to wait shortly before next year's E3 (barring a delay). All this did was hurt the gaming community - and no one can even be proud of themselves for doing it because they've just pissed everyone off." - James

"Well, you know something bad happened when it this starts showing up in the mainstream news (yes, even though video gaming has become a bit more mainstream in the past few years). But yeah, hearing about people hacking one of my most anticipated games kind of annoys me. I mean, we had to wait long enough for the release of HALF-LIFE 2 and now we have to wait another four months or so with the recent delay. Well, I hope you hackers out there are happy; while you may have one version of the game, at least you won't (hopefully) get the new version as well." Troy


Last week we discussed what games we would love to see sequels to. Surprisingly, we got overwhelmed with e-mail responses with your own opinions. Below are some of the better ones we sorted through (and there were a lot of good ones, we just ran out of space).

Hi guys. I have often thought of this question and have always had a few games in mind. One of the best RPG series ever was the SHINING FORCE series on Sega Genesis. It seemed to disappear after the demise of the Dreamcast. Another cool KOEI game was GEMFIRE, which was on several systems. I would agree on your TECMO SUPER BOWL choice, for I have played every conceivable football title the NES-GENESIS-PSONE-and PS2 have had to offer, and none have the same heart that the TECMO games had; the cinematic screens are still the coolest thing (next to getting 200 plus yards rushing in a game). I 'm sure I could rattle off a dozen more, but the last title I would like to see done, especially with all the RTS games out there, is HERZOG ZWEI for the Genesis-this was my 1st taste of strategy/turn based combat. I still fire it up from time to time. - Mike Robinson

BATTLEZONE!!!  (BATTLEZONE II was even better!)This is one game that hasn't been 'repeated into the ground' like most of the others.  I sooo enjoyed the combination of RTS & FPS - I've yet to find a game that does both as well.   (Thank god BZII still run under
XP). - Nick Hustak


Nintendo has announced a new Game Boy Advance F-ZERO that will release in late November in Japan... The N-GAGE sold only 500 units in the UK in its first week of release... Nintendo has bought a large portion of toy maker Bandai... Nintendo's PAC-MAN VS. game will be bundled with selected Namco software this Christmas season


Game of the Week - CASTLEVANIA LAMENT OF INNOCENCE (PS2) - I've the review

Rare's new action fest, GRABBED BY THE GHOULIES.

build, and it is most excellent. A lot of fun to play, even though the jumping puzzles can be a little tricky. Very worthwhile.

ESPN NBA BASKETBALL (PS2, Xbox) - Sega Sports' basketball franchise returns and is still the best on the market.

GRABBED BY THE GHOULIES - Rare's debut on the Xbox should please its fans.


SSX 3 --- Each SSX game just expands on the last, and each is awesome. Expect 3 to be no different.

SUPER MARIO ADVANCE 4: SUPER MARIO 3 - See last week's review.



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