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Hairspray Keeps Wolverine From Looking Like a Stooge!

By Christian Koch     January 22, 2003

"When this [hair] doesn't have two cans of hairspray in it, I look like Moe from the Three Stooges. It's all just exactly the same length," explains Hugh Jackman, X-Men 2's Wolverine, in an interview published by "So it is me, uh, sacrificing for my art."

According to Jackman X2 is bigger than X-Men in every way. "Fox has given [the movie] more money. The actions is twice as good, twice as much." In his eyes X2 is funnier and more intense because it explores the characters and the story in a deeper way. And not to forget he promisses a lot more "butt kicking" of Wolverine than in the first movie, "which is always good. It's a good therapy."

The next paragraphs contain potential spoilers. Highlight them by swiping it with your mouse to read how Jackman describes the beginning of X2:

"It starts with an assassination attempt on the president by a mutant." Which leads to the situation that "every mutant is wanted, to be round up and registered and corralled. And there's almost a war going on with the humans." To find out more about his past Wolverine is "going off to Alberta and through the woods."

A clue points Xavier and company to the Alkali Lake base, "and the fans will know what this is about. And this definitely [draws] inspiration from [the X-Men comic] Weapon X." Haunted by flashbacks Wolverine finds out more and more. "He's starting to remember more. And then he gets to confront the person who changed him into Wolverine."

The fans will find lots of goodies in the details of X2, writes, like connections to many Marvel Comics in the Weapon X facility. "An X-ray of Angel's wings here, a Stark Industries logo there, John Proudstar's name on a morgue locker door." But also Logan will get the opportunity to say "bub" once or twice at least.

X2 will let the romantic triangle between Wolverine, Jean Grey and Cyclops develop. "It's a PG-13 movie, so it's not like we're going to take our clothes off or we're completely butt-naked in the film. But there's some passion expressed," promises Jean Grey actor Famke Janssen. "Cyclops and Wolverine are more distant than ever. And Jean and Wolverine are, uh, perhaps closer than ever," Jackman adds.

About a Wolverine solo movie a Fox studio representative told that "such a prospect, in lieu of a full-blown X-Men 3, could be ideal from a cost standpoint fewer stars, of course, means a lower budget. And Singer, for one, is open to the idea."

"It was 15 years when he was on his own, in fact, without the X-Men," says Jackman about possible plot ideas for six or seven solo movies. "Mind you, I'll be 75 when we finish it."

Talking about Wolverine tales Jackman shares his idea about why his character survived Magneto ripping the adamantium from his bones: "My feeling is that maybe Magneto's got this little slight feeling that Wolverine may come to his side. He doesn't want to destroy Wolverine yet." Although he has a second and more simple explanation as well: "Or maybe it's just because [if he does], that's the movie and we're done." And finally even a third one comes to his mind: "I think in the comic, Wolverine's made out with every girl that was ever created, [or] ever drawn. So, uh, maybe they can do that before killing me off."

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up.


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