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hanso 10/19/2009 12:45:56 PM

LOL!  That would be amazing and would open up all sorts of questions about the walking dead.  I'm sorry I messed up the names, I meant Jason Isaacs the guy who plays Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.  Though now that I think about it, from the Harry Potter cast, Ralph Fiennes would be a better Sinestro.

violator14 10/19/2009 1:25:59 PM

 I like the way Donner spoke of the X-franchises and about Deadpool. Gives me some hope of the future and the will to live.  I just hope they mean what they say.

jfdavis 10/19/2009 1:44:15 PM

I read yesterday somwhere the Thor rumors were debunked by Marvel themselves.

I'm disappointed the Magneto movie is dead but I can't imagine who they'd get to star, as the article states, McKellen wouldn't work  logistically...

If the GL movie was made even just a decade ago, I would have gone with George Takei as Sinestro. Haley works well. I can't say Martin Campbell has a "Go-to" actor pool but, if he does, I'd bet the role will come from that... 

fft5305 10/19/2009 2:52:16 PM

I think Isaac Hayes would be better...

redhairs99 10/19/2009 3:16:54 PM

That's okay, Hanso!  I was just scratchin' my head about that last comment.  Jason Isaacs could be cool.  Same with Ralph Fiennes.  While we're just throwing out names for Sinestro, I'll throw out:  Antonio Banderas and maybe David Thewlis also from the Potter series where he plays Remus Lupin.

SONYMANswallows 10/19/2009 3:40:25 PM

daniel Craig or Pierce Brosnan as Sinestro. Alan Cummings was in Goldeneye as well.

Who was Stryker in Xmen Origins: Deadpool blew? Danny Hutson?

SONYMANswallows 10/19/2009 3:41:12 PM

SinestroFLY TNT

animefanjared 10/19/2009 5:09:29 PM

Well, Raimi and Donner get points from PR school.  But I don't honestly believe them.  They're saying the same things that every studio says on every adaptation.  It's all catering to the fans so they will show up on Day 1 no matter what their gut tells them (how many of you actually thought in your heart of hearts that Wolverine would turn out well?). 

If making a good movie and pleasing the fans is so important, why didn't they do it on their last films?  Both have proven they're capable of doing so, as the majority of the fans seem to think both X2 and Spider-Man 2 turned our fairly well.  I want to believe them, but you'll have to forgive my cynicism.

Sidenote: Glad to hear Donner seems to know Magneto is a bad idea.  That is not a film that can succeed as a Hollywood, tentpole release.  And I suspect that the Deadpool movie is going to end up the same way.  He's not a character people outside of comic fans are fimiliar with, so good luck convincing the rest of American that the Frankenstein monster from Wolverine can sustain his own film.

Redshirt: While I agree that they don't need to always kill the villain, I understand where they're coming from.  Magneto was in all three X-Men films and his schtick got old by the third one.  And I feel like they purposely didn't kill the Joker in "The Dark Knight," and look how that turned out.  We'll still probably never see him again (I maintain that they won't recast).

sldr4chrst 10/19/2009 6:31:46 PM

Magneto, axed!? give me a break!! This movie needed to be made before now!! How can they leave the back story of the Master of Magnetism hanging in the air like that!? You people need to make this film and make it soon, real soon!

FilchX 10/19/2009 6:54:09 PM

Magneto was a bad Idea for  a Movie, nuff said.

I wont have any faith in any Fox/Marvel movies if they keep getting Shity Directors to helm them..Hood,Story and Ratner....come on Fox get your head out of your ass!

If you can make two kick-ass Blade movies, I dont see how you cant Make an awsome Deadpool Movie, one smart move...rebot....good idea.

Sorry  to rain on everyones parade but ALL the Spider-Man Movies suck, its just that 3rd was wretched!

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