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Cheesey1 10/19/2009 7:43:57 PM

Blade was New Line, not fux. Spidey 3's inclusion of Venom and the resulting overcrowding of villains wasn't Raimi's fault, it was Avi Arad's decision.  I guess each to their own, but luckily enough people liked Spidey that I can look forward to at least one more (probably two or three more).

BlindJustice 10/25/2009 2:05:41 AM

If Sony & Avi stay out of it then Spidey4 will be a fun ride no matter who the villain (his original idea for 3 was Sandman & Vulture ala Ben Kingsley) but I think he told the powers that be to let him do his job or get someone else. I'm hoping for a Kraven/Lizzard fix with hints toward Mysterio(have Bruce Campbell be him all along watching and plotting through all the movies)

If set up right they could do a sinister 6 movie as Doc Oc could have been drug to the shore by his tenticles and Osborn could be reserected due to the formula he took.



If age wasn't a factor I could see Peter Weller as Sinestro, maybe even Gary Oldman. 



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