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Halloween Horrors Fail to Scare Away Competition

By Steve Biodrowski     October 31, 2000

The Halloween weekend gave very little boost to movies tied in to the theme of the season. A comedy (Meet the Parents) remained in #1, while Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 had to settle for 2nd place. The horror movie sequel earned $13.22-million, just a bit ahead of yesterday's estimates, but playing in over 3,300 theatres, it should have done better. Bedazzled was in 4th place with $7.83-million, also slightly ahead of predictions; that brought the film's two-week total up to $24.25-million. The only other genre film in the Top Ten was the kiddie-oriented The Little Vampire, which made its debut in 6th place with $5.72-million. Two other horror films earned over $1-million at the box office: The Exorcist managed $1.59-million in 11th place, raising its re-release total to $37.22-million; and Lost Souls managed another $1.37-million in unlucky 13th place, for a total of $15.16-million. In limited release, CyberWorld took in $222-thousand at Imax theatres, raising its cume to $1.51-million; and in re-release, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas earned $175-thousand in 72 engagements, for a disappointing per screen average of just over $2,400.

Listed below are the final figures for the weekend's Top Ten films, plus any other science fiction, horror, and fantasy titles in the Top 60.

U.S. Box Office Finals 10/27 to 10/29/2000
1.Meet the Parents $15.05-million/$10.01-million
2.Blair Witch 2$13.22-million/$13.22-million
3.Remember the Titans $8.03-million/$87.77-million
4. Bedazzled$7.83-million/$24.15-million
5.Pay It Forward$6.80-million/$19.04-million
6.The Little Vampire$5.72-million/$5.72-million
7.Lucky Numbers$4.54-million/$4.54-million
8.The Contender$2.45-million/$13.99-million
9.Legend of Drunken Master$2.43-million/$7.38-million
10.Best in Show$1.83-million/$9.24-million
11.The Exorcist$1.59-million/$37.22-million
10.Lost Souls$1.37-million/$15.16-million
19.Digimon: The Movie$332-thousand/$9.01-million
25.Nutty Professor 2$200-thousand/$122.39-million
27.What Lies Beneath$182-thousand/$153.92-million
28.The Nightmare Before Christmas$175-thousand/$50.18-million (including original release)
30.Chicken Run$135-thousand/$106.79-million
32.Urban Legends: Final Cut$120-thousand/$21.25-million
35.Space Cowboys$103-thousand/$89.61-million
36.Hollow Man$95-thousand/$72.99-million
41.T-Rex:Back to the Cretaceous$75-thousand/$35.01-million
42.Cirque du SoleilJourney of Man$74-thousand/$7.57-million
43.Scary Movie$72-thousand/$156.20-million
44.The Kid$68-thousand/$69.48-million
48.Bless the Child$57-thousand/$29.33-million
52.The Cell$47-thousand/$60.74-million
60.Alien Adventure$30-thousand/$3.19-million


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