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Halo 2: Fact or Fiction

Troy answers the questions surrounding one of the biggest games to come out this year.

By Troy Roberts     August 27, 2004

The first released screenshot of multiplayer action from HALO 2.
© Bungie Studios

Easily the most anticipated game this year (maybe even the most anticipated game ever) is HALO 2. Fans have been reserving the game at online stores and local video game shops since the game was announced years ago, and have suffered through the many new releases dates of the often-delayed game. Once a month, we're going to turn Gamers' Thumb into a fact or fiction list, hopefully giving everyone insight on their favorite upcoming games.

Question: HALO 2 will be better than the original.

Fact. Yes, no doubt about it. HALO is regarded by some as one of the top five games ever made. Considering that Bungie isn't changing too much about the original style of gameplay and adding quite a few new ideas and gadgets to the game (as well as Xbox Live support), HALO 2 will be everything that HALO was and then some.

Question: HALO 2 will not live up to its own hype.

Fact. When you're dealing with something this big, it is nearly impossible for anything to live up to the hype that is around it. Take the STAR WARS prequels for example. While there weren't necessarily bad movies, no matter how good they were, it would have taken more than George Lucas could have done to make the movies hype-worthy. The same goes with HALO 2. As big as it is, as good as it probably will be, you just have a feeling that quite a few people are going to be disappointed.

Question: HALO 2 will be the best game released this year.


More aliens await the Master Chief in HALO 2.

Okay, before you blast me on this one, this was a really tough call. I didn't want to short you guys by giving an "undecided" answer, but the fact that I do have some doubts forces me to give the fiction answer. Why? Basically there are a lot of great games coming out this year. GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS, GRAN TURISMO 4, and, of course, FABLE. I honestly think that the latter could possibly be the best game of the year from what I have seen (and hopefully playing early next week). If you're going to look at sales, HALO 2 and GTA: SAN ANDREAS will be neck and neck at the top. But in all around gameplay, FABLE just looks the best.

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Sony has announced the sequel to SIREN...Koei has confirmed that it is developing KESSEN III...Nintendo has announced that MARIO PARTY 6 will ship with a new microphone controller...X-MEN: LEGENDS is heading to the N-Gage...




of good games coming your way next week. ESPN NHL 2K5 will retail for $20 for the Playstation 2, and Xbox. THE GUY GAME will be released on the Xbox and Playstation 2. We'll also see PIKMIN 2 and WWE DAY OF RECKONING on the GameCube, a re-release of DRAGON BALL GT: FINAL BOUT for the PSOne, DYNASTY WARRIORS 4: EMPIRES, STREET FIGHTER ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION, PHANTOM BRAVE and STAR OCEAN: TIL THE END OF TIME for the Playstation 2, as well as SYNDICATE RACING SYNDICATE, TERMINATOR 3: REDEMPTION, and NASCAR: CHASE FOR THE CUP 2005 for PS2, Xbox and GC. Whew!

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