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Hanso\\\'s Movie List

7/9/2009 4:18:38 PM permalink

Hello you beautiful bitches!   Welcome, welcome.

So check it out peeps, this is how it\'s going down today.  During the course of this week I stumbled upon Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay\'s list of movies to see before you die.  It was a 14 movie list that left out classics on purpose, the went for stuff they found cool and wouldn\'t be on everyone lists.

So I\'m doing my own list but not movies to see before you die.  This will be films I think are awesome, some underrated and didn\'t break $100 million box office in the States.

What I would like is for you guys to post your own list so that I can laugh how ridiculous it is when compared to my awesome list and then I can point and laugh at you and pat myself in the back for being so awesome.  I'm joking kids, I won't point.

But for realz, post your list so that incase I haven\'t see the film I might ,sometime in this dreadful summer of movies, check it out.

There is only 1 rule.  And no, tonight you won't break my one rule.  You must pick films that didn\'t break $100 million and you think they are awesome.

Here\'s my list in no order.  Enjoy:

Children of Men



Carlito\'s Way

Eastern Promises

Chasing Amy

Office Space

Point Break

Lost Boys

I\'ll stop here cause I can\'t think of anymore of the top of my head and I don\'t want to put more gangster films in the list.  Miller\'s Crossing is an underrated gangster film though.\\




The Final Cylon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/16/2009 9:33:58 PM permalink

Ok so my theory was way off.  It wasn't Helo's pipi.

This ep blew my mind it was so frakkin goooooooooooooood!  Definitely worth the long wait. 

  • The 13th Colony was Cylon.
  • Kara died on Earth but is still alive.
  • Dee blew her head off. 
  • The reveal of the final Cylon. 

Just with those 3 things the ep kinda felt like a season finale, so much stuff was dropping down.

Saul's wife is the 5th cylon? I thought they would go with a bigger character.  Anyway, I'm kinda glad they decided to reveal it now so they can get on with more important stuff in BSG.

Can't wait for the rest of the season.

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The Shield Series Finale

11/28/2008 5:40:49 PM permalink

Damn, it's finally over.  In my opinion, The Shield is one of the best shows ever created.  Wire to wire, all seasons were excellent.  I think Season 4 may have been the weakest cause they broke up the Strike Team but it was still damn good.

Anyway, I'm sad to see it end but the last episode was e:xcellent.  Things I didn't like about the ep:

1.  Shane killing himself and his family.  Sure the guy died which is what I wanted, but he had control in deciding his fate.  I would've like to see Mackey get to him or maybe Antoine Mitchell in prison.

2. They gave a nod to the Julian gay thing, when they hadn't brought that up in loooooong time.

3. I thought Dany didn't have any purpose  since she was brought back late in the season.

4. I wanted Dutch to get the kid.

I found a review of the show,  I'll post it here since I agree with some of the stuff.  Eric Gordon from IGN wrote it. Here it is:


November 26, 2008 - Spoiler Warning: If you haven't seen The Shield finale yet, let it be known – it is discussed in detail here.

It's been a long and wild ride with Vic Mackey and the Strike Team, and at last it's over.

The Shield finale was fantastic. It delivered a satisfying and impactful conclusion to the stories and characters that mattered the most on the series, and gave the audience a lot to chew on, as we discovered just what fate had in store for Vic Mackey.

There's a lot I loved about the finale, so let's get the minor negatives out of the way, starting with how Danni was wasted, and seemingly didn't need to be brought back at all. She was given almost nothing to do, and it seemed like they wanted to include Catherine Dent, but couldn't figure out what to do with her. The fact that Tina had more notable scenes than Danni is a shame, considering Danni's been part of the show since the beginning.

We were also cheated a bit in that we were never shown what would could have been an amazing sequence – when the rest of the Barn were told by Claudette and Dutch that Vic and Ronnie were indeed as dirty as you can get, and that Vic had in fact killed a cop. It seemed clear when Vic walked into the Barn near the end of the episode that everyone now knew the truth, as they looked at him with resentment, but it would have been great to see supporting characters like Danni, Julien, Tina and Billings get to show their specific reaction to learning this news, especially given the relationship history some of these characters had with members of the strike team. From Danni's affair with Vic, to Billings' man-crush on Ronnie to Julien's time on the Strike Team, there was a lot that could have been examined here.


- FXThe return of Andre Benjamin's character Robert Huggins – a comic book store owner turned mayoral candidate – initially seemed out of place given what needed to be dealt with, but in retrospect, it led to some good scenes for some of the supporting cast, including his face off with Aceveda. And the moment where Huggins died from a gunshot wound as Tina shows him her button supporting his campaign was surprisingly touching.

There's been some debate in the IGN office about the storyline with Claudette and Dutch attempting to break teenage murderer Lloyd, who attempted to frame Dutch for his own murder of his mother. I was glad to see Dutch and Claudette get one last crack at interrogating a perp, but was surprised not to get that satisfying moment where Lloyd finally admitted the truth – Claudette telling him he was a suspect really wasn't the same thing. But that's okay, as what this storyline did show, along with other moments, was that life will go on in the Barn, and you just know that sooner or later, Claudette will crack this little creep.

The finale had Claudette admit to Dutch she didn't have much time left, while also warmly acknowledging their wonderful friendship – easily the best and sweetest relationship on this oh-so-rough series. Claudette saying she'd come to work until she couldn't anymore was a sad but wonderful statement from this great character.

Now let's move on to the even more blatant, fawning praise aspect of this review, shall we?

What was integral to the finale was to give a dramatically satisfying wrap up to the story of the Strike Team in general and of course to Vic Mackey in particular. And wow did Shawn Ryan deliver, wrapping things up for the Strike Team in ways both horrible and pathetic, that all felt incredibly "right" in terms of where these characters were destined to end up thanks to the road they'd gone down.

Shane killing his family and then himself is truly awful of course, and unforgivable. And yet it seemed completely in character and the inevitable result of what had occurred. Shane was fueled on paranoia, despair and drugs – and when he learned Vic had made a deal that meant he no longer had any hold over him, he lost the last tiny sliver of hope. And yet he had made a promise, both lovingly to Mara and furiously to Vic, that he would keep his family together and that they would not be split up. In his incredibly screwed up, skewed mind, killing them all was doing just that. The image of Mara and Jackson dead in bed together is chilling, and wow, the episode title is given sad and creepy resonance once you know what it refers to.

An excellent moment in the show was when Claudette informed Vic he was in the wrong chair in the interrogation room, and made him get into the prisoner's chair. Vic may have not gone to jail, but this was the scene in which he was going to lose his last shred of bravado. Claudette read Vic Shane's suicide note and it was an incredibly riveting sequence. I loved Shane saying that Vic lead and he followed, but they were both just as guilty – but the most damning line was the simplest one, as Shane wrote, "I wish I'd never met him."

By the end of The Shield, this is clearly a sentiment almost all the other characters feel about Vic. His presence and actions slowly but surely left a path of destruction in his wake – Corrine feels she has to flee into witness protection with her kids, and it's hard not to agree that's the right choice. Vic's influence on the Strike Team was clearly toxic, and his murder of Terry set into motion a domino effect through the entire series that finally led to nothing but death and despair.

Ronnie is arrested in the barn, sacrificed by Vic for the deal he made with ICE – the only person on the Strike Team who will face justice on the legal side. But would anyone claim that the other three original Strike Team members got away with anything? Certainly you can't say that for poor Lem and for Shane, who are both dead now.


- FXBut what about Vic Mackey? For years, fans wondered if Vic would go to jail, get killed or simply "get away with it." But Shawn Ryan had a great curve ball in store. Because legally, yes, Vic got away with it all. He won't go to jail for the crimes he committed. But watching the end of the episode, it's also obvious that Vic is going to pay for what he did for the rest of his life.

Furious and ashamed that she let Vic manipulate her, Olivia chains him to a desk for the three years ICE employs him. And the Vic Mackey we see at the end is a shell of a man – emasculated from the things that defined him, from his job as a cop to his tough guy leather jacket. And he's lost everything and everyone he held dear. Vic setting up the pictures on his desk at the end speaks volumes -- and allows the excellent Michael Chiklis to once more project an amazing amount of meaning without saying a word. Vic's got pictures of his kids, who are now in witness protection somewhere, and who he may never see again. And he has a picture with Lem, the only Strike Team member he stayed close with… but who is dead. He looks at them with love, but he doesn't really have them in his life anymore.

It's not hard to think Vic might eventually screw up and violate the terms of his ICE deal, setting himself up to finally go to jail. But even if he somehow plays by the rules for those full three years – though showing Vic keeping that gun in his desk makes you wonder – it doesn't matter. He can't get back the things his actions caused him to lose.

The Shield had felt very Shakespearean to me once Lem died. Shawn Ryan was telling a story about a man whose arrogance and tunnel vision had set into motion events he couldn't eventually control and which were leading towards a horrible end for the Strike Team. The final episode of the series also shows what a great morality play this has all been. In the end, Vic Mackey gets what he deserves. He gets nothing. Knowing Vic as well as we do, it's possible to feel pangs of pity for him, but at the same time, he clearly dug his own grave – His just happens to be shaped like a cubicle, instead of a coffin.

Damn, this was a great show.


I thought this series finale was much much better that another series I really liked, the Sopranos.  I hated the fade to black.


The Shield: Game Face

10/3/2008 6:55:43 AM permalink

This week's episode was called Game Face. My thoughts:

Yo Flash is back son!  Dutch still trying to nail him for killing that kid but once again Flash is 2 smart for that.  I wonder if he'll keep up popping up the rest of the season, I was surprised they brought him back.

Plus that asian dude from Prison Break was in this episode also.

I wasn't feeling this episode so much for some reason.  Maybe it was because there was no Billings comedy.  I don't know.  I also didn't remember that black dude playing lawyer to save his life, that could've been another reason.

Cassidy sets up a Pimps & Hos party? LOL!   That crazy bitch has lost it.

I'm with Shane on this episode.  Give up the box and save your own skin and your family's.  Farmington's streets are always gonna be fucked up.


LOST Spoiler

9/29/2008 12:19:12 PM permalink

There is a spoiler in here but not storywise just castwise.  It's been out for awhile now it seems but I only found out today.  Why haven't you reported this Mania, why!!!!!!!!!!??

Anyway, since Lost is still a few months away, here's something to keep in mind for the next season:

Claire Littleton will not appear in Season 5.  She will be back for Season 6.

Why, who knows?  Is she dead and that's why she was with Christian Sheppard?  I think she might be dead.  She probably got shot up when the evil freighter folk were shooting up the Barracks. Most of her scenes after that were with people that have seen dead people during some point of the show.  Locke, Sawyer & the island's very own Ghostbuster, Miles.

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The Shield: Genocide

9/24/2008 7:39:23 AM permalink

This week's ep was titled "Genocide".  My thoughts:

Hey it's Flash from Smallville!  What's he doing in Farmington?  Playing a  young serial killer that's what. Not only that but a smart serial killer cause he got away.  I hope they bring him back some other time and nail his ass.  It's doesn't happen a lot that Dutch can't prove a case.  I doubt he'll be back, I think they already did that (bringing back a guy Dutch couldn't close) in one of the other season.

The level of stupidity the head gangsters have is annoying.  Renzin belives Vic before his own guys and now Penzuela does the same thing.  Vic & Co set up the meeting between the Armenians and Mexicans, Penzuela sends a guy he trust there.  Renzin says they don't have the black box and then offers his services to help the Mexicans find it, the mexican believes him and tells Penzuela but then Penzuela chooses to believe Vic.  Sure, that makes sense.

Good play by Vic spin it afterwards though with the help of that little black box.  I loved how the episode ended, with that FBI chic having info to screw Vic & Aceveda over.

Oh, almost forgot, what the hell is up with Cassy?  Can't anyone bitch slap her so she can show so damn respect!!?  I'm starting to think Cassy may be what brings Vic down.  This is the second time she goes to a cop with stuff about her father.



The Shield

9/18/2008 6:20:54 AM permalink

The site doesn't have time for The Shield apparently but I know a lot of you watch it so I'm starting The Shield blog!!  Each week I'll have a spot to talk about that week's episode.

I won't review it cause I don't have time for that which is weird since I have time to be wasting on here all the time.  Anyway, basically if you peeps want just come on in and state what you think is going down and what you thought of the episode.

This week's episode was title "Money Shot".

Loved the episode.  Tina is damn hot, they should have her running around in mini skirts all the time or in sex scenes like when they showed her ass last season.  Excellent.

I liked that Ronnie basically said fuck u I ain't going down for you guys. 

Vic needs to grow some balls and bitch slap that daughter of his and his wife.  Vic puts his foot down after Cassidy pushes Corrine and then Corrine is screaming at Vic to get out of the house. Vic wants to apologize to Cassidy and then just leaves the house?  WTF!!?  Don't stand for that bullshit Mackey.

Rezin(sp?) is pretty damn stupid.  I ain't buying how he believes everything Vic & Shane are selling him.  He won't trust his boys before 2 cops that had robbed him before?  Doesn't sound right.

Vic should forgive Shane and not play him like he did at the end of the episode.  Killing Lem wasn't right but Shane did it to protect the rest of the guys and the only reason he told the Armenian chic about the Money Train was because Vic was getting into Shane's business. 

Excellent season so far.



Green Lantern

9/17/2008 1:19:05 PM permalink

I just read Latinoreview's Green Lantern script review and it got me excited because that's two different sources that have taken a look at the GL script and both have said good things about it.  Looks like WB has their head in the game with their comic book franchises which means good things for us!

I wasn't very knowledgeable when it came to Green Lantern but I knew the film is eventually gonna come out and since IESB raved about the script I wanted to read up on a few GL comics.  My good friend Wiseguy562 recommended a few so I would be prepped for the big GL story arc that's coming in 2009 called Blackest Night. I took his advice and I've read up on a few of them and I gotta say I love the character and the story arcs I've read so far.  Thanks Wiseguy!  In case you are wondering, I've read the following: Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War, Secret Origins and I just ordered Emerald Twilight and Emerlad Dawn.  I'm sure there are many more excellent GL story arcs but those focus on the main guy Hal Jordan, who was the one I wanted to read up on since the film is gonna be based on him.

Having read those comics and now the script review, I am definitely looking foward to this film and I hope and pray that WB doesn't screw it up because a Green Lantern franchise done well is gonna kick major ass.  Just the special effects alone should be insane with all the things GL's ring can create.

About the script review, it mentions they are going with Legion as the main villain.  Granted I know nothing of Legion but I did read some info on him at Wikipedia and I think he'll be a good villain and it makes sense to stick with that origin of GL instead of what they are doing with GL: Secret Origins right now.  I think it makes sense and I like it more for the film because it doesn't make Sinestro the main villain right off the bat and it allows for the Jordan/Sinestro relationship to have more meaning by showing the teacher/mentor/friend side of it.  Plus it doesn't bring into play any of the other colored Corps which can be saved for later sequels.

So the script apparently is great.  Now WB needs to nail it when it comes to the cast and director.  I personally don't like any of the directors rumored for the film right now so I'm hoping they get someone else.  My picks to direct the film are Alex Proyas or Alfonso Cuaron.  As far as the cast goes, I can't think of anyone for Hal Jordan who I think we'll be portrayed a la Maverick in Top Gun.  I did see a picture of Ashton Kutcher in The Guardian film and he looked the part but I don't know if he could pull that off and I'm not a fan of his work.  As far as the rest of the characters, I think Hugo Weaving could be Sinestro, Dijmon Hounsou as Abin Sur, Dennis Quaid as Hector Hammond and Evangilne Lilly as Caroll Ferris.

Who do you guys got for the cast?

Please WB get this movie right!!

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9/4/2008 9:36:06 AM permalink


Is it me you're looking for?

I can see it in your eyes

I can see it in your smile..................................


Shark Week owns son!!!!

8/1/2008 8:04:52 AM permalink

In honor of Shark Week and Irascible's request for all the shark info, here is Hanso's Shark Week facts:



Reaching lengths of more than 20 ft and weighing up to 5,000 lb, the great white shark is the world's largest known predatory fish.

Great white sharks, like all other sharks, have an extra sense given by the Ampullae of Lorenzini, which enables them to detect the electromagnetic field emitted by the movement of living animals.

Great whites typically hunt using an "ambush" technique, taking their prey by surprise from below.

Great white attacks most often occur in the morning, within 2 hours after sunrise. The reason for this is that it is hard to see a shark close to the bottom at this time.

Great White Sharks take around 15 years to reach sexual maturity. The lifespan of the great white has not been definitively established, although many sources estimate that great whites live 30 to over 100 years.

The tiger shark is the second largest predatory shark ,  they can range from 11 to 14 ft long and weigh 850 to 2000 lb.

This shark is a solitary hunter, usually hunting at night. Its name is derived from the dark stripes down its body.

The tiger shark is often found close to the coast, in mainly tropical and sub-tropical waters.

The tiger shark mates only once every 3 years.

The bull shark is well known for its unpredictable, often aggressive behavior. Since bull sharks often dwell in shallow waters, they may be more dangerous to humans than any other species of sharks.

Bull sharks are extremely territorial and will attack other animals – including humans – that enter their territory.

Blue sharks are found off the coasts of every continent, except for Antarctica.

Blue sharks grow to 12.5 ftor more. The shark's typical weight is 300 lb to 400 lb.


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