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DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/20/2014 4:41:36 PM

I came very late to the Avatar party, season 3 had wrapped up when I caught the first season Korra.  I then went back and watched the entire series of Avatar The Last Airbender which I absolutely loved.  After that I saw Korra S2 and Korra S3 when it reaired.  I binged the final season of Korra because I bought the season 4 pass on iTunes and caught everything up to the series finale.  The entire Avatar mythology has become one of my favorite things ever. I even bought the hardcover graphic novels, and will be getting Art of Avatar and Art of Korra for Xmas.  I'm currently obssessed with it, no other way to explain it I guess.

But to your point Wiseguy, I too have started to consume my TV like you.  I'll let the show build up in my DVR and then I'll sit down and watch it.  There are a few I try to watch every week if I can, like The Flash which is my favorite new show of the season.  

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/20/2014 9:37:43 AM

 The Legend of Korra had its series finale yesterday.  I suggest anyone that has not seen this series give it a go. 

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/16/2014 1:02:49 PM

I watched the last season of Sons of Anarchy over two/three days so I could watch the finale live.  I loved how the series managed to sneak in almost the entire cast of The Shield into the show at some point, either with cameos or bigger parts.  

I recently bought the extended editions of Unexpected Journey and Desolation of Smaug.  I'm hoping to give them a look before heading out to see Battle of the Five Armies.  Prolly the last flick I'll see this year as I don't get out much to the movies no more.  I had planned to watch a few more but the last one I saw was Interestellar, and before that I don't remember.



DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/13/2014 8:18:11 AM

Not 100% sure so I rather not say.  Let's just say its a sad bastard that missed me so much he created a profile pretending to be me, guess I'm the guy's idol.  

And yes I did see Swaggy P, was hoping Kobe would pass Jordan last night tho.  Kobe & Swaggy are the only fun things about the Lakers this year.  Don't want them to win too much though so they can keep their pick for next year which is top 5 protected or it goes to Phoenix.  


DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/13/2014 4:29:02 AM

 On another note, I really enjoyed TMNT much more than I thought I would.   Shredder was way too big tho, what the hell they gonna do for Super Shredder?

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/13/2014 4:27:33 AM

Yeah the profile got banned, and the posts from this thread where deleted.  I have my suspicious of who it was, and that other profile was gonna get banned too but I'll just leave it like that for now. 


DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/12/2014 4:02:44 PM

 Enjoy your ban Zachary!  

DC Comics Gay Character Revealed (Article) - 12/12/2014 3:36:20 PM

 Hey fucko, you ain't me son.  There's nothing in this world like me, except me. 

RUROUNI KENSHIN 2: KYOTO INFERNO Trailer (Article) - 11/19/2014 5:14:14 PM

 The 1st one never played here or got a blu ray release.  So if you're interested in seeing it, you'll have to try to download it from somewhere or import the blu ray which is region free so will play in Region A blu ray players.  You can get the steelbook for about $15 if you order from Amazon but you'll be purchasing thru Amazon but the blu ray will ship from the UK.

I'm thinking of getting the blu for the 1st one as Rurouni Kenshin aka Samurai X is my favorite anime and I'm not an anime guy.  They made a trilogy for these movies so I may hold out until all are released before I purchase.

The arc this movie is based on is imo the best of the series.  If you can get your hands on the anime, I suggest you pick it up and give it a watch.  Unfortunately its only been released on DVD and its OOP right now so it's very hard to find outside of Ebay but with so many bootlegs being sold there I wouldn't recommend picking it up from there.


@jonniej - Makoto Shishio is the bad guy, he's the one with the bandages.

Blu-ray Shopping Bag: STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS: THE LOST MISSIONS (Article) - 11/11/2014 5:58:45 PM

 I enjoyed Phines & Ferb Star Wars, passed on getting the DVD but I did buy the episode on iTunes.

I picked up Batman Complete Series, and man that is one awesome set!  It even has a button that you can press which plays the TV show's theme song.  Love Love the set, might be my favorite set that I own, tho the Lost complete series is pretty awesome too.  

@jedibanner, you're better of buying the sets separately like I did.  Like Trate mentioned, Seasons 1-5 are WB, Lost Episodes are Disney so a complete set is not likely and I haven't read anything indicating that one is coming. Disney doesn't even sell seasons 1-5 thru their official stores.  I'd keep an eye out on Black Friday to see if you can get the Complete Series on a good deal, and Lost Episodes might be getting a discount too.



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