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Harrison Ford Marshals COWBOYS & ALIENS


By Rob M. Worley     April 08, 2010
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Comics2Film: Harrison Ford and COWBOYS & ALIENS
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Harrison Ford marshals 'Cowboys & Aliens'. Plus: 'Kick-Ass' footage and clips! 'Captain America' girl talk. 'Hack/Slash' casting possibility and more! A magical and revolutionary daily column at an unbelievable price: it's your Comics2Film 10.4.8!




WAREHOUSE 13 Actress a HACK/SLASH Contender

Fans have seen actress Allison Scagliotti on 'Warehouse 13' and as one of the Wonder Twins on 'Smallville'. Among those fans is one Tim Seeley, creator of the awesome horror/hero mash-up comics series 'Hack/Slash'.

The comic tells of Cassie Hack, a young woman who is the archetypal girl who survives the killer at the end of a slasher movie. Now Hack, aided by her hulking sidekick Vlad, has made it her mission to hunt down the Jason Voorheeses and Freddy Kruegers of the world.

With the comic in development as a movie, Seeley apparently dropped Scagliotti's name on a recent podcast as one of his favorites to play the lead role of Cassie Hack in the film. Then the comics creator revealed on Twitter that his name-drop opened the channels of communication between himself and Scagliotti.

So is she going to play Cassie in the movie? For now, all we know is that two are talking.



Canary Sings Again on SMALLVILLE

KryptonSite reports that the Black Canary will return to 'Smallville' for the show's May 14 season finale. They have not yet confirmed whether or not the Justice League or Justice Society will put in an appearance.




The L.A. Times Movie blog is predicting that the upcoming release of 'Iron Man 2' will smash the domestic box office record set by 'The Dark Knight' in 2008. Tracking surveys show that Marvel's coolest Avenger is tracking at "astonishing levels" and the first weekend should bust the $158.4 million mark set by Christopher Nolan's fantastic Bat-sequel.

Remember: 2008's 'Iron Man' opened to $98 million and that was when a fair number of moviegoers didn't even know who Shell Head is. Add in all the new fans that the first movie converted, the new one should go nuclear. And it's not even 3D (C2F is hoping that it'll spark a new 2D fad in Hollywood).




Variety reports that two players are returning for Michael Bay's box office giant 'Transformers 3' .

Kevin Dunn and Julie White have signed on to reprise their roles of Ron and Judy Witwicky, the parents of Shia LaBeouf's Sam Witwicky.

The movie will begin production at various locations around the world this summer.



Hugh Jackman Loves WOLVERINE 2 Script

Actor Hugh Jackman (or Jack Human to some) has been talking about 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2' almost continuously since the previous one came out last year. MTV Splash Page got the actor talking about it some more at the premiere of 'Date Night' this week.

"It's the best one we've had," Jackman said when asked about the script by Christopher McQuarrie ('The Usual Suspects').

Fox's 'X-Men' franchise has been letting fans down of late, with the previous two installments being sub-par. Hopefully the adaptation of Logan's Japan/samurai period will breath some new life into the ailing franchise. 'Wolverine 2' could roll cameras later this year.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Mark Valley Wants to Know Who The HUMAN TARGET Is

MTV Splash Page chats up Mark Valley, star of Fox's 'Human Target' and asked him what mysteries he'd like the show to delve further into.

"I'm really curious to know a little bit more about [Christopher Chance's] past," Valley said, referring to the enigmatic man-of-action he plays on the show, "but honestly, I'm really excited about every next episode that comes in. Every episode I pick up, it's like getting a new comic book."

Valley may get his wish when the season finale, entitled "Christopher Chance", airs April 14 at 8pm on Fox.




Mark Malkin at E! Online says that we can rule out Kiera Knightly as a contender for the female lead in Marvel's 'First Avenger: Captain America'.

He cites "a well-placed source" who says that the favorite at this point is Alice Eve, who recently starred in 'She's Out of my League'. However, another contender is Hayley Atwell who fans saw on TV recently in 'The Prisoner'.



IRON MAN 2 Enjoys First Marvel/Disney Synergy

Heat Vision reports that 'Iron Man 2' will get a red carpet premiere at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood on Tuesday, May 4.

Normally that's not terribly interesting news, but there is one wrinkle here. The El Capitan is owned by Disney and is usually reserved for mouse-house movies only. Even though Paramount is charged with bringing the Marvel production to the masses, Disney is opening the doors to its newly-acquired superhero shingle.

At any rate, fans will see the movie in London on April 26 where it'll enjoy its world premiere.



KICK-ASS Behind the Scenes Footage and New Clips

At the risk of exposing fans on the internet to the entire movie 'Kick-Ass' a few minutes at a time, Lionsgate have dropped four new video clips for us to share with you, dear Maniacs.

Click into our video gallery for filming of Aaron Johnson's rooftop and hero-patrol antics in Behind the Scenes Clip #1.

Then check out the staging of one of the film's big gun battles in Behind the Scenes Clip #2.

On the finished side of things we've got the iconic scene from the book in which Kick-Ass actually thwarts an assault and rockets to internet fame: I'm Kick-Ass.

Finally a scene that may be a BIG SPOILER (a similar scene happens very, very late in the comics, though we're not sure where it falls in the movie): Bedroom Window.

Fans in the U.S. will see 'Kick-Ass' a week from Friday!

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Harrison Ford joins COWBOYS & ALIENS

A few days back we reported on a rumor which seemed to suggest a certain a-list actor may have just signed on to appear in Jon Favreau's next comic-based movie 'Cowboys & Aliens'.

Consider it a rumor no longer. Yesterday Favreau confirmed the news for his followers on Twitter writing, "Please stop asking if Harrison Ford is in 'Cowboys & Aliens.' Okay? He is. Please don't tell anybody."

It's hard to say exactly what role Ford will play in the film but don't go thumbing through the graphic novel looking for answers. While we've all been calling it an adaptation of the comic created by Platinum Studios (and published a few years back) word is that screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci ('Star Trek')  and Damon Lindeloff ('Lost') pretty much had free reign to completely reinvent the story for the big screen and discarded most of what's in the book.

Ford, normally the leading man in his films, will be in a supporting role to Daniel Craig, who is starring in the thing.

Cameras are expected to roll on the DreamWorks/Platinum production this summer with an eye towards a 2011 release.


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fallensbane 4/8/2010 7:23:07 AM

Allison Scagliotti is a much better choice than megan Fox as it was Rumoured way back for Cassie Hack. Sign her and then sign Michael Clark Duncan as Vlad and you already have a solid base for the movie. Hope it pans out, H/S is my favorite comic and I am majorly looking forward to a film version.

krathwardroid 4/8/2010 7:27:47 AM

Cool about Harrison Ford and Cowboys & Aliens. Looking forward to it.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 4/8/2010 7:28:17 AM

Kat Denning for Hack/Slash. Period. 

lracors 4/8/2010 7:33:57 AM

Zomg nice Ford in Cowboys and Aliens.  IM2 will rule the summer box office, we'll see about how close it comes to Dark Knight, but the rest of the films in May are on the weak side.  I don't see Robin Hood bringing bank, Shrek is in the 4th dying stages of that franchise, Prince of Persia just looks terrabad.  There really isn't a contender film until Mid June with The A-Team IMO.

For Woverine 2 i hope it's better then the last 2 film and please no more plastic bad Xavier.

Smallville season finalie Black Canary sorry she's hot but can't act out of a paper bag.  I'd rather see Justice Society of America return and bring in Alan Scott!!!

Mayhem101878 4/8/2010 7:38:18 AM

Captain America: I just can't wait to see this movie and see just how Chris Evans looks in the costume. As far as the female lead I don't really care who it is after all she most likely won't be in any more of the movies.

Smallville: It's good to see members of Justice League on the show although I'm not that thrilled with Black canary's costume especialy the black face paint. Maybe they will show a little sexual tension between her and Green Arrow.

Wolverine2: I really didn't mind the first Wolverine movie although the thing I hated the most was the bullet to the head it seemed like a copout. That and the sorry excuse for deadpool aka Weapon XI.

Transformers 3: I hope to see more robots in this one. Infact I would love to see the rumored plot of Unicron happen in this.

Cowboys & Aliens: This seems to be an interesting movie, plus not only does it have James Bond but it has Han Solo in it.

Rheul_home 4/8/2010 7:40:24 AM

I'd rather see Hayley Atwell than Alice Eve...

lracors 4/8/2010 7:45:11 AM

Mmm either one is good looking... actually Alice Eve has the 40's vibe about her a little more than Hayley Atwell but either choice is good.

Hobbs 4/8/2010 7:46:21 AM

I'm shocked they are not releasing IM2 in 3D...seriously, think of the money that thing would make if they did.

Harrison Ford in a supporting role...should bei interesting. Favreau is a damn great director so I trust him to make Ford cool again, even if he is 70 or close to it.

I have no problem with Keira Knightly not in Cap.  Im sure they can find a non name hot chick to be in the movie.  They'll save money that way. 

Mayhem, I'm looking forward to the costume as well.  I remember the 1992 version and I didn't have a problem with that outfit that Matt Salinger was wearing.  A little too rubbery for me now but 20 years later they should be able to do better. 

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 4/8/2010 7:52:46 AM

If you don't think Shrek 4 is going to make a shitload of money then you are out of your mind.

Flint521466 4/8/2010 7:58:50 AM

Great to see my main man Harrison Ford getting back to his Sci-Fi roots (insert KOTCS jokes here).  Hope he decides to act in this one instead of the angry mumbling he's been doing as of late. 

I"d be more surprised if IM2 didn't break TDK's record.  GONNA BE HUGE!!!!!

Hugh was saying the same type of stuff w/ the 1st Wolverine movie. To say I was extremely disappointed with it would be being kind.  But I'll be there regardless.

Really hope Human Target get's a chance.  Fox ALWAYS pulls the plug on shit too early.  I want them to put the show in 24's old time slot.  I think it would work there.

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